Ever bought a Chanel only to have it go on sale later?

  1. Ack! I guess some wouldn't care, but I would be agog a bit!
  2. Well, no - since I only have one and it's a black caviar flap which I have been SWORN to that will never go on sale.

    BUUUT I bought it only a couple months after the price increase and lemme tell ya - that stings just as much.

  3. hmm, well, i have a med. cambon tote DF bought for me from heathrow, which i later found out had gone on sale at NM last year...and also, i buy alot for the U.S., and right now the CAD is so high, so it's almost like i've lost about 12% on some of my earlier purchases.
  4. *don't shoot* That is why I choose LV most of the time because they never go on sale. that is a biggie to me.
  5. Oh, NO.....I would hate that - it happens enough on other stuff in life - but a Chanel bag...would not make me feel too good at all.:sad:

    I agree the price increases are just as bad - if you postpone getting a bag you want - only to have it increase! That sucks too.:crybaby:Been there.....

    I only have two LV bags - but I see the safe guard - since they don't go on sale...nice when you think about it.;)
  6. Well I picked up a Chanel suede camelia evening bag on sale at Neimans and then it went more on sale couple weeks later and I hadn't used it yet. So i returned it and rebought it later that day once they marked it down in the system. I basically stalked the Chanel people until i could buy it again. But i ended up getting a 1000 dollar bag for a little over 400.
  7. I would hate when that happens so I make sure the bags I purchase from Chanel are the ones that will never go on sale.
  8. yes. The coral bowler I bought last year. I think it was $2160 retail. It just went on sale. I think for around $1500....that hurts:crybaby:
  9. IT happened to me!!! With my one and only Chanel rock n chain bag. It was all Bloomingdales fault, they gave me some bogus info. Three weeks after I got my bag from the Chanel boutique. *TADA* Bloomingdale had it on a 20/20 sale. Could have saved hundreds!
  10. Yes! My silver bowler. Hate when that happens! boooooooooooooo
  11. Good deal.....very smart of you!!!;)
  12. ALL THE TIME! All the clothes that I have go on sale but hey that is the price to pay for being greedy/wanting the latest which is why I always/constantly/perpetually broke :sweatdrop:.
  13. I guess to be safe I'm going to stay away from the styles that have the potential to go on sale...though sometimes it's really hard to know which might!
  14. yeah this is what I'm afraid of when buying chanel. That's why I really give a full thought before purchasing Timeless Clutch lol.
    Still vote for LV because it never goes on sale and there's no outlet for it :biggrin:
  15. I don't think the timeless clutch will ever go on sale...continued price hikes are probably more likely... :yes: ;)