Ever been to ....

  1. Have any of you guys been to Rockville, Maryland? My family and I are going there in August because my brother was begging to go to this Wrestling Legends fanfest, so we decided to have our annual trip by going there! So I was just wondering if you guys have heard of that city? How are things there? And what about the shopping?!!!! Thanks you guys. :heart:
  2. Well, I use to live in Bethesda which is around the corner from Rockville. Actually, it depends on which part of Rockville it is. If it is closer to Downtown Bethesda, you are going to have a blast. Have your brother drop you off at Friendship Heights and shop till you drop. Everything is there: Saks, J. MENDEL, TIFFANY'S, LOEHMANN'S, VERSACE, oh my... so many... I hear that they opened up a LV there. There are also lots of cafes and nice restaurants. Its a REALLY nice area. Very expensive area. To be honest, I just go to the Loehmann's because they have unbelievable stuff. Also, I hate paying full price. The Filene's Basement sucks: the prices are TOO high!! You are going to have so much fun!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh, thanks so much! Sounds like fun! Well I don't know what part of Rockville it is! The Hotel company said is was close I think to DC. But not sure! First time, now I really want to go!

  4. If it is close to DC, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO:biggrin: !!! Connecticut Avenue is one street down from 355 (Rockville Pike/Wisconsin Ave.), lots of boutiques and stores as well (Burberry etc.)
  5. I've been there but can't remember much of it just because I don't drive and can't remember what's in Silver Spring or Rockville or any place closeby to BF. I do remember Bethesda cause that's where BF and I went to have all-you-can-eat crabs and went to watch March of the Penguins. I know that Chevy Chase has that great shopping strip on Wisconsin (LV, Dior, Cartier...etc).

    I echo that if you're close to DC, you're set!!!
  6. My DH used to live there. We were last there in October. Its been years since I've done any serious shopping there but I think there are some good stores..............of course my minds blank now so I can't think of anything :shame:
  7. you are gonna have a blast... don't forget to swing by Georgetown in DC.. .lots of shops and restaurants.
  8. Thanks to all who have answer! I think I will enjoy it, now I know where to go shopping.
  9. If you are driving down 355 Rockville Pike stop in Anthropologie, just for fun.....but as Envyme stated Bethesda is wonderful as well as Chevy Chase.
  10. I agree....you might even consider heading into Georgetown for more regular shopping too. They do have some great smaller boutiques - Urban Chic (on Wisconsin), Sassanova (the awesomest shoe store in DC in my humble opinion - right across the street from Urban Chic), Wink (M Street), Intermix (also on M Street), Blue Mercury (great cosmetic store...also on M Street).
  11. I live here in dc. I agree with everyone, you have to visit friendship heights many stores and shops, and yes the LV shop has opened so has the gucci and dior shops too. Also, for some regular shopping i suggest georgetown, i go there often. Enjoy your stay, and make sure you let us know if you purchased any fabulous bags!
  12. Live in the DC area and lived in Rockville for years. The others are right -- head to Friendship Heights -- they have terrific stores. Don't miss Mazza Galleria. Tysons Corner in Virginia has one of the biggest malls in the country, and Tysons II (there are really two malls across the street from each other) has all the high end stuff (Ferragamo, Versace, Prada, etc.). Have a good trip!
  13. I live in the DC area and regularly shop at Mazza (and surrounding area) , Tyson's II and in Georgetown - I'd recommend them all!!!!