Ever Been to Off 5th-Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet?

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  1. If so, have you found any good bargains? I was there yesterday and the selection was okay. I didn't find too many clothes by top designers...only Armanim,YSL,7's, and Cavalli. The shoes were better. Lots of Stuart Weitzman. I was going to get a pair for $85 but didn't because they were slightly dirty and it didn't come with the right box. I was also wondering about your thoughts on NM Last Call. I would imagine both stores to carry only a decent selection. The bags at Off 5th included Michael Kors, Coach, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, etc. Is it like that for all Off 5th's?
  2. I have purchased a couple of Michael Kors from Off 5th in Woodbury Commons in New York. I have also bought a pair of Via Spiga boots there that I love. As far as clothing goes, I've never really found anything I liked. However, I am petite and there is never a big selection to choose from. I have never been to any other Off 5ths so I don't know if some are better than others. NM Last CAll is a bust as far as I'm concerned. I still go in there to look but I've never found anything worthwhile.
  3. There is an Off 5th Outlet here, and it's hit or miss. The one at Sawgrass Mills in Ft. Lauderdale, though, is nice. My mom goes there all the time and always finds something.
  4. How's the selection at Woodbury Commons? I would imagine that the shelves are constantly being rummaged.
  5. Most times they have quite a bit displayed. However, if you see something you like you can't wait. You have to get it right away otherwise it'll be gone the next time you go there.
  6. What is displayed at the Chanel outlet?
  7. I went to an OFF Fifth in Tucson, AZ also Ft.Lauderdale, I never find anything!!!!Found out that most of the inventory is made JUST for the outlet store.
  8. i hardly ever find anything. i did once - a pair of flat, knee-high, tan suede boots that i adore. other than that, their handbag selection stinks. shoes are slightly better.
  9. yes, the handbag selection is bad. whats also bad is that when you find a pair of shoes you like and it's not your size, you can forget about that pair.
  10. well i got a great steal... a juicy couture jacket...i got it $55 off retail...
  11. EXACTLY!! i found some hot pink coach boots this week that were actually from a while ago and they were the only ones and 1 size too small :sad: . but, i do love off saks and when i went the day after christmas they had a whole big table of seven for all mankind jeans all marked down to $110 :biggrin:
  12. I was just there yesterday...I dont really see what is so great about it, because I have never found anything there. Plus, the bags there look so abused, I dont think I would ever be enticed to buy one. For example, yesterday there was a fendi bag that I would have bought had it not been so scratched and bent at every corner...I guess the display is what makes these bags so appealing!
  13. Have you ever seen any Chanel at Off 5th?
  14. i don't remember if it was at Off 5th of at NM's Last Call but back in august i scored a really cute Cynthia Steefe dress for only $67 with tax at the Primm outlets on the way to Vegas
  15. gosh, i wanted to stop there and take a look...how was the selection?