ever been to harrods´ sale?

  1. dear ladies,

    has any of you ever been to the harrods´ sale in london (summer or winter)? is there a price reduction on all of their designer items? even on prada? any comment would help as i am planning to go there!

    thank you!
  2. yes... mos of the stock is on sale i saw many shoes on sale...not sure about bags but would think they also were.
  3. I definetly recommend checking out the Harrods sale if you have a chance, most if not all autumn/winter will be on sale. I have never purchased a prada bag on sale, but im sure they probably do go on sale as i know other designer bags do. They will have plenty of prada shoes on sale as well.
  4. dear noon,

    thanks a lot for your reply! unfortunately i cannot make to this year´s winter sale, but I´m planning to go there in july when the summer sale starts. will be there be any good bargains in summer? have you ever found some great price reductions? besides prada I am a very big fan of gucci and hope to find something there! anyway, it´s quite a while until then!