ever been to harrods´ sale?

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  1. dear ladies,

    has any of you ever been to the harrods´ sale in london (summer or winter)? is there a price reduction on all of their designer items? even on gucci? any comment would help as i am planning to go there!

  2. I was just there for their Winter sale. There was a 50% off selected Gucci handbags and up to 50% off selected accessories. LV and Hermes obviously did not go on sale but all other designer items had sales. I suggest you go the first day of the sale because many styles were sold out after the first couple of days.
  3. i Went on 29th dec and there didnt seem to be alot left, i went to all the shops all had same bags in sale. Although gucci shop in bond street had slightly more designs left. When is the sale in june?
    Would like matching purse, can only find fakes online
  4. hi ladies,
    thanks a lot for your information! the next sale will be around july 2nd ord 3rd. I definitely want to go there and be there at the opening.
  5. dear senbei,

    do you remember if they had any of their indy bags on sale? or is the indy bag something which goes on sale? what was your impression? are the items on sale just some kind of unfashionable leftovers or is there a chace to make a good bargain??
    thank you!
  6. I went on the first day of the sale in the afternoon. I do recall seeing 1 indy bag on the sale shelf. I think it was a plainer indy though, but I did not get a good look.

    You have to have a lot of patience because there are going to be a lot of people there and it may be hard to see the bags. They pile all of the sale stock onto the back shelf and employees will help you retrieve whichever bag you want to see. Some of the styles were kind of plain jane but there were some good ones. I was able to get a medium peggy hobo (the one with the bamboo handle) in black leather. Also, for clothes,shoes and another handbag counter try the 1st floor gucci.

    hope that helps!
  7. thank you senbei!