Ever Been to Carson's?

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  1. Hi all,

    I looked through the store listings on the coach site and see that Carson Pirie Scott carries coach! I'm thinking of taking a day trip to Madison just to check out what Macy's and Carson's has, simply because it's an hour and a half away while all the boutiques and outlets are at least 4...

    Plus, I need a reason to drive my new purple PT Cruiser! :biggrin:
  2. I love Carson's! I went there in Chicago all the time. Great store. I think I got my first Coach purses from there. :yes:
  3. i was born & raised in chicago. i love carsons!
  4. Yay cha cha!! Chicago rocks! :yahoo:
  5. How are they for selection? The two closest outlets to me don't carry signature...and will the price be the same as a c. boutique or will there maybe be a steal or two?
  6. thier selection to me was great! most times i found that coach bags from carsons can be cheaper then the boutique by around 50 $ . other times,if its a new coach bag it's around the same price.

    try to build a rapport with the sa @ carsons & they will most likely tell you when their sales should be .

    i love sales @ carson's & especially if they include coach (xmas time sales r super cool).
  7. I guess I'm taking myself on a road trip next weekend! Man I wish I had a girlfriend to come with me*sob*. But at least I'll have bags as friends on the way home, heh.
  8. we will be there with you in spirit !
  9. I actually work at the Bon-Ton store which owns/took over Bergner’s, Boston Stores, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younker’s.

    On our coupons it says Coach is not eligible for the coupon on the back. But yeah I guess those other stores carry Coach but of course not the store I work in. LOL