Books & Music Ever been to a soundcheck?

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  1. For my DH's big milestone birthday coming up, I bought tickets to his favorite artist along with a soundcheck attendance. Do the artists customarily attend these? I had a friend who went to Sting's soundcheck at a small venue and he invited her up on state and she sang or something right along with him. But I am wondering if a big name artist usually attends them, especially in a big venue.
  2. They pretty much have to. Each member of the band has to make sure they can hear each other through their monitors and if their earpieces are too loud, not loud enough, etc. They usually will run through a couple of songs to make sure everything sounds the way they want it to. If they have sold tickets for it chances are it won't just be a regular soundcheck. They may do something special for those in attendance.
  3. Oh, yeah. Thanks!
  4. Yessssss - I saw Madonna do her soundcheck when she came to Australia in 1993 for the Girlie Show - she was doing the soundcheck at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and we were watching her - it was amazing to see this !!!!