Ever been stopped by a Mary Kay lady on the street?

  1. I can't believe how often this has happened to me.

    The last two times were very recent: I was shopping alone on Michigan Avenue when a woman in her 20s approached me and asked me where I got my bag (I was carrying a Chanel bag with a huge logo), if I lived in Chicago, etc. She seemed very friendly so I stopped to talk with her a while, thinking that maybe she just wanted to be friends? I stupidly gave her my phone number and it turns out she works for Mary Kay and keeps calling me about becoming a May Kay salesperson!

    Then I was at Starbucks in a BIG BIG rush to buy all the New York Times they had (not coffee!) because there was an article about our firm in the paper. A woman in her 30s stops me and tells me she loves my trench coat. Then proceeds to explain that she's a corporate recruiter ("leadership developer") for Mary Kay and that I should give her a call so I could interview at their corporate offices. ANNOYING. I kept telling her what a rush I was in and in an attempt to keep me engaged she kept asking me more and more questions: what neighborhood do you live in, do you like your job, etc. Despite how rude it was, I just had to turn around and walk off because I kept trying to excuse myself, saying I was in a rush but she wouldn't stop talking!

    And these are just two incidences. So annoying. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Woah - that sure is an aggressive recruitment strategy.
  3. LOL no, has not happened to me. That would be annoying. I recently had a recruiter call me at work, at first I was confused as to what the person wanted, he was asking me about management...and then I realized and quickly said I had to go and thanks but no thanks. I hate feeling trapped like that by someone.
  4. that is so rude. its never happened to me before and i am so sorry that they are using your clothes and bags as a way to pry you into their company and give themselves one step closer to their pink car.
  5. I was out with my 93 year old Grandmother one day, trying to get her checked out of the grocery store, when a lady came up to me and started asking for my phone number, talking about facials or something. I'm trying to juggle eight things at once, and she was really interrupting what I was doing, so I pretty much said yeah whatever to what she was saying (no clue, she was talking so fast I couldn't keep up) and gave her the name/# she requested. I received a call at 9 that night from some strange talkative lady who started conversing with me about random stuff for 10 minutes before she switched to asking me about having facials done at the Mary Kay place. I didn't want to be rude and say uh no!!! sorry kthanxbye, because she sounded so nice (and exactly like my SO's mom, who is a salesperson and has the same methods, it appears). Not a rude person, but a bit strange and annoying! I really hope she doesn't call again...
  6. That's horrible! The one that keeps calling, just politly but firmly tell her you're not interested, and please don't call again.
  7. All the time. I have had about four do this to me in the last year. They always start out by telling me how cute I am etc...Yeah, butter you up. Then proceed to tell me how I could earn extra money. I told one I don't need the money as my DH makes plenty and she ACTUALLY asked how much are we talking here? 100K? 150K OMG Please. Now I don't normally brag and give out information like tgat but she was just annoying me to no end. When I told her she was just like this :wtf: and walked away. Oh and I also informed her that everyone could tell her MC speedy was FAKE. If they are trying to grow their biz then the tactics these women use are in appropriate! It's always when I am shopping (mainly at Target). Who wants to be bothered when they are shopping? Umm..not me.
  8. ^^:roflmfao: ^^ You told her that everyone could tell her speedy was fake...that's great!

    Yes, OP, I know exactly what you go through. And their tactic is to comment on something...mine is 'OMG, you have beautiful eyes.' The first time was after a baseball game. A lady needed a model to demonstrate her makeup and gave me her number. I was super busy at the time and called her a few weeks later and listened to her recording and realized it was MK. I never called her again. The next time at a wine tasting. The lady this time mentions she has the perfect color to define my eyes, etc.

    I hope I never actually get to meet with any MK lady because I have a hard time saying NO to a person at a home, than at the store and would probably buy their stuff.
  9. Thank goodness it hasn't happened to me yet!
  10. Yup. It always starts with a compliment & then leads to you getting sucked in--I've been suckered into the "makeup model" bit --wasted my whole evening to look like I got hit by a make up truck! That was many years ago, now when I get approached I tell them my sister sell it and thats where my loyalties are--bye,bye.
  11. Wow, I didn't even know that Mary Kay was still in existence! The tactics they are using are quite agressive--borderline cultish, if you ask me!
  12. LOL that is hilarious!!! I have actually it wasn't annoying but I had to change my cellphone number recently because I was getting nuisance phone calls (not from the MK lady) so she doesn't call me anymore.
  13. Okay, I have a funny story realting to this:

    We were at IHOP (the bastion of fine cuisine) where there was a Mary Kay meeting in the back area. Towards the end of our meal, a young, thin woman comes out and tells my mom how pretty her blonde hair is and asks if it's natural. My mother, a natural brunette, is due for a hair appointment soon and has very visible roots :roflmfao: She says thanks and no before waving her off- she is a former MK rep and knows all about the compliment/ sale ploy :p
  14. I haven't had it happen yet that way. A local clothing store was having a monthly drawing for a free makeover and $10 gift certificate. I signed up and I won. I ended up not claiming my prize, because the lady who called me was really weird and pushy. I got the impression she either wanted me to buy a bunch of stuff or sign on as a salesperson.
  15. Yeah and then they nickle and dime you to death!!!