Ever been really disappointed with a Bal bag after seeing IRL?

  1. Has anyone ever been disappointed with a Bal bag after seeing it IRL? I remember having a Rouille Twiggy with the most smooshy soft, veiny leather - like butter! Unfortunately, that leather has been my HG and with every new purchase I feel let down. Haven't gotten another bag with leather that scrumptious! Although I have to say that I have been quite impressed with many of the new colors... Vert Gazon, Anthracite, Marine, all of the Rouges... :drool:
  2. yes, i finally got an LE Magenta only to find the leather was dry...it was already cracking off on the shoulder pad on the strap. i had an 05 mini twiggy that was the softest thing on the planet. too bad it was too mini for me.
  3. I have to say - after reading so many things about Magenta LE - I'm glad I never invested in one!
  4. Yup! Vert D'eau First was my first bbag and it turned into the thickest, smooshiest, silkiest leather I've ever felt... I ordered a Truffe Twiggy thinking it'd be the same quality... wow, that thing felt like straight up PLASTIC :amazed:

    I've also been generally un-impressed with most of the bbags I've seen at NM. For the most part they're thin and dry.
  5. After getting a really beautiful LE Magenta with luscious leather, I was looking forward to more, in the form of Spring's light magenta. There are obvious exceptions, but the generally veiny, crackly leather has been awfully disappointing.
  6. Yes, though in all fairness I would have to say that the disappointment was due to my expectations and not the fault of the bag. I purchased the White GGH Hobo from s/s 07 and was disappointed that it was not a bright white as I had hoped. When I first received it, I honestly thought that the SA had sent an ivory hobo from the f/w collection until I confirmed the season on the tag.
  7. Blue glacier, blue india and ocean. All the blues have let me down, and I suspect turquoise will be next.
  8. I have never seen the Blue India IRL, only in photos. I thought the color looked TDF!
  9. FB ~ sorry ~ but found it really flat after all the gorgeous pics........... & this season's swamp green ~ i mean ~ VT :yucky: ~ i travelled miles just to see it irl! ~ noooooo ~ not for me ~ :lol:
  10. Yep. I had an '05 Grey Twiggy and the leather was so buttery soft and sat like a puddle of yummy goo when I set her down. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the Twiggy and let it go and haven't come across one like that yet. I have an '06 Ink & '07 Plomb Cities and they come a close second but nothing like that '05 Twiggy. Luckily, I have an '05 Dolma City and I'm hanging on to that baby for dear life!
  11. Seems like the Twiggys tend to have the better leather??
  12. I was craving an Ocean City until I saw it in real... the color was just too dull and the silver hardware didn't make it better
  13. Thus far I have not been disappointed. But I have kept my expectations low.

    But that may change. I am a flutter over Vert Gazon and a VG Day is in my reach. My hopes and expectations are running high...
  14. I think this question is really interesting, and I'd love to hear from more people!

    For me, perhaps indigo...I was thrilled with the leather, but I was hoping for a darker color. When it comes to blues, I think I swing more towards a color like marine than like indigo. I have a RT day coming my way that's my HG, so hopefully it'll be everything I hope for!

    On the flip side- when I got my sienna day, it was so far and above my expectations. I was blown away by how deep and rich the color was. It's my current fave!

    Oh one more- when I saw vert thyme IRL, I was kinda shocked- it looks so pretty in pics, but I have to agree with viki that it looks slightly "swampy" IRL.
  15. I agree.