Ever been put off a Bbag when you saw some uncool person wearing it?

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  1. I have had this experience with clothes, but not with Bbags - yet!
  2. I don't care who's wearing it... I pay more attention to the bag than the person. :p
  3. Nah - to be honest I'd probably be the uncool person. :lol:
  4. I totally agree ... and I'm not one to judge. People might see me and think I'm uncool. I'd rather admire the bag someone is wearing and not worry about if they are in the "in" crowd or not. :smile:
  5. LOL i was just going to say that about myself :p
  6. I'm in your clique :roflmfao:
  7. LOL, that's me.

    I really don't care who wears Bbags. I wear them because they make me happy.
  8. Good thread! I was laughing.
    I've had someone who would buy whatever I was wearing and show up in it the next day and this would put me off. I like to be a little different.
  9. That's such a funny thread title, LOL.
    Sometimes I see very unstylish people wear bbags, but they don't wear them well, so I don't care. The women here catch up with trends a few years later than everywhere else, so bbags are still relatively new and trendy here, so you'll see ghastly singers with bad extensions wear a bbag with their Cavalli dress.
  10. lol guess we're all in this together!! :lol:
  11. hah the title made me laugh. im usually staring at the bag, not the person, so can't judge the "coolness" of them haha. but then again, i dont find myself very cool either haha.
  12. I'm a big dork myself - I'm probably bringing the cool factor of these bags down quite a bit! LOL!

    But I really don't care who wears them (and around here, I'd just like to find someone else with one) . . .
  13. haha add me to the clique as well! In fact, I was just out doing some shopping and thinking that my skinny black pants really aren't so flattering...and I really wasn't doing my RT day justice!! Then I was wondering how I would be described if I was "spotted" with my day..."gorgeous RT day on the arm of frumpyily dressed girl..." :shame: (I think I just coined a new word too..."frumpily"...great grammar!)
  14. Wait a minute!

    We can't all have dorkiness in common w/our love for balenciaga!:nuts:

    I don't even try to be cool, I just try really hard not to make a complete ass out of myself everywhere I go. If something uncool is going to happen, it will happen to me! And I'm so at peace w/that now! LOL

    Maybe that's a new sticky for a new club! LOL
  15. hmmmmm, I think that the reason that we all love bbags is that we are already the 'cool' people!:yes::heart: