ever been P.O.'d by an SA

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  1. Ok. so last night on my way to work, i got a phone call from an SA at NM ( in paramus mall in NJ).[ I had placed my name on her waiting list for the gaucho, but totally forgot about it and found it at another NM (trent in Beverly Hills is just fab).]

    She proceeded by asking me if was mine dirty. well of course i told her it is not white, more like a cream color. I could sense the change in her tone. Then she proceeded by telling me how it looks like a car ran over it, and how she was so dissapointed with Dior and did not like the bag.
    I responded by telling her how wonderful the bag is and how much i love it and am sorry that she did not have it for me earlier.
    I reminded her of another bag I wanted (the Edith) and she actually got short with me by responding that I will find it elsewhere.

    Personally, i think she's got alot of nerve. and if anything, this would have been her opportunity to tell me about what bags she has currently that i may like.:amazed:

    Has this happened to you before?
    Do you feel the same about this bag? I took the bag out of the box and tried it on again (weather has been too cold) and well now i think I may be having buyers remorse. I always did wish the strap was longer, and am finding that it is more readily available. All that money for another trendy bag?

    Someone please talk some sense to me:wacko:

  2. No, because I could care less what they think! But it sounds like you are a bit on the fence about this bag. Maybe you should return it?
  3. i normally could care less too. i don't know why i even let her get to me.

  4. Did you buy the Gaucho tote?
  5. no, it was the white medium. but don't think I may be loving it anymore.:sad2:

    funny how we can love a bag one day and feel different the next.:wacko:
  6. OH YES! I got the red Gaucho tote-but it had discoloration on the inside and back of it......the shoulder strap was small too-I have often thought about the medium one-NOT white though-too dangerous with all the running around I do....!!!
    If I dont love it and wear it right away-then its a no-go-Return it if you dont like it..
  7. That SA was totally out of line. You're right ... she should have been eager to tell you what bags are available that you might like. I'd report her. About the gaucho .... if you do not LOVE it maybe you should return it. I have the red medium shoulder bag and I love it. I use it more than I use any other bag right now. Let us know what you decide.
  8. ok. so you figured out what my trip to post office was for.i hope i do not regret it later.:wacko:
  9. i think i will write a letter to NM. thanks. red.....and you can use it all year too.:idea: i bet it is beautiful. now did you find the strap too short. well. maybe because i am not petite and at 5'5" it hung midway between my underarm and hip bone.
  10. Don't feel bad. It happens.
  11. HAs anyone had a bad experience with the Prada Deptmt in SAKS NYC??? I swear to god-EVERY time I ordered there-Someone screwed up and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RUDE!
    They rang up a purse that I paid to overnight-Forgot to send it and refused to answer my phone calls-I called the handbag manager for Saks and she even said the Prada department there needs serious help!!!
  12. Wow! Good to know. Sometimes it's amazing how SAs act as though they actually don't want to sell bags!

  13. i don't know what got into her, but one thing for sure, will not deal with her again.
  14. That is horrible, I'm sure you'll find someone who will treat you better :biggrin:
  15. That was out of line for the SA. Sorry you had to go through that!!!