Ever been mistaken for being pregnant when you WEREN'T?

  1. This has happened to me 4 times in the past 2 months. I'm skinny everywhere except my belly, where I seem to carry all my extra weight.

    I'm NOT PREGNANT and in fact have NO INTEREST IN BEING PREGNANT, EVER! I am trying to lose a little weight, but wish people would realize in the meantime how rude it is to assume someone's pregnant. :cursing:
  2. I was in Curves for women one time and wearing rather baggy workout pants. A woman working out on a machine next to me asked me how far along I was and when I was due! I knew I had put on weight because of medication associated with my cancer treatment, but I didn't think I looked pregnant :wtf:.

    I agree, I also think it is rude to assume someone is pregnant. It was painful for me, due to the fact that I cannot have children because of the cancer/treatment.
  3. i have been wearing the babydoll tops so of couse those make you look preggy sometimes. anyways my BF's uncle asked me in front of everyone if i was preggy... i was like NO! its my shirt. since then i try not to wear babydolls around that family.
  4. I was wearing one of those tops that are loose and flowy and my boyfriend's friend kept asking me if I was pregnant. He was so rude and kept asking me the whole night. My bf was getting pissed and so was I! Just because I'm wearing a loose top does not mean I am pregnant. Sheesh.
  5. I just don't know what is wrong with some people. Really, unless a person announces her pregnancy it is a horrific display of bad manners to comment on someone's impending (or not impending pregnancy).

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I've experienced the same thing before as well and I really sympathize.
  6. If in doubt, don't ask.
  7. Oh yes, unfortunatley this just happend to my friend and I when we were at Target the other night. My friend's son is a year old but she is still wearing some maternity shirts because she's says they are more comfortable. Anyway, we're checking out and the cashier says "Congratulations...when is your baby due?" YIKES!!! So uncomfortable.....my friend politely told her that she wasn't pregnant......the cashier was mortified!!! The very next day my friend told me she was officially done wearing maternity shirts for the comfort.....I think that's a great idea!!!

  8. Ugh. That's so rude! I never ever assume that someone is pregnant. Even if I'm 99% sure, I never ask. I figure if they were, and if they wanted to tell me, they would tell me.
  9. It happened to me a couple of times...It makes me want a tummy tuck. I told my husband that when we were done having kids that I was going to get one.
  10. yeah i had an old lady give up her seat for me on the train thinking i was pregnant!! and it was all cos i was wearing a babydoll style dress..i didnt know whether to laugh or be embarassed.
  11. lol! oh man. that's kinda cute. hehehe
  12. Thankfully, no, but hubby told me to never assume that. He had one patient he was asking general health questions and he wanted to know she was along 'cause he might have to take some xrays (he's a dentits). So he asked her when she was due: never because she wasn't preggo!!!! He was sooo mortified. I took this lesson to heart to the point where when I got a new job and was introduced to my secretary who was 7 months preggo I kept it shut. One day we were talking and she mentioned something about her maternity leave and I politely replied "oh, you're pregnant!" looking EVER so stupid. She answered "well it's obvious" and I told her the story of hubby and his patient.
  13. No, I have never had this happen, but I did have my husband's grandfather tell people I was having a baby when he mixed me up with the husband's sister, who was pregnant at the time.
  14. This has happened to me a couple of times - only when I've not been pregnant (never when I was) and it's always been cashiers who've asked me!

    Don't let it get you down, you can't help someone else's ignorance and rudeness. Good luck with loosing the little bit of weight you want to get rid of - wishing you all the best.:flowers:
  15. have you noticed that the shirts they are selling right now look exactly like maternity shirts

    i learned that lesson when babydolls were in style the last time around, now 15 years later...i know not to go near that style of clothing

    to the average person, who knows little about fashion..the babydoll shirts and dresses look EXACTLY like maternity wear