Ever been bag shamed?

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  1. I was on a visit with my team leader and someone pointed to my Roxanne and asked "Oh my God is that a Mulberry?" She explained that she loved the, but could never afford one.

    On the way back to the office my team leader asked exactly how much it cost, I ws quite embarresed as she went up the £100s.:sad:

    I finally lied at £500 (it was actually 600) She laughed and said she couldn't understand how I could spend that much on a bag. I was so embarresed, especailly when she told another woman in the office the next day. It was all very good humoured but still very embarresing :blink:

    Took my Chloe Paddy :heart:in this week and have tried not to draw attention to it for fear of more price questions.

    Anyone else ever feel embarresed when they say how much bags cost??
  2. Yes, but I never say it myself. DH tells other people because he thinks my collection is impressive. I can't bear to tell him I'm mortified that he's telling other people what I spend on handbags. Most of them don't spend as much in a year on clothing as I spend on one handbag.
  3. Yes, especially at work - i don't want them to think they are paying me too much!! lol (which they are NOT!)
  4. No - my work colleagues and family know how I much I spend on shoes and bags, and I work blinkin well hard for all my lovely nice things that make me smile.
  5. People are so rude. Most folks who have disposable income like to spend it on SOMETHING. For some people it's cars or electronics. For us, it's handbags. To shame someone for spending XX amount on a bag is really just rudeness. It's nobody's business! I have a girlfriend who'll drop $2,000 on a road bike but wouldn't spend more than $50 on a purse. It's really just about what you like.
  6. Yeah I thought it was quite rude too. When I asked her what she spent money on she said she had a couple of canoes, one of which cost her over £400, and I use my bags more often then she does her canoes!!!
  7. No worries, you spend your money on what you love. I am however ashamed to admit how much a bag cost. I've only spent $320 on a $600 bag, and am currently eyeing a bag that is around $500 but retails for around $725. This seems so high, but I know the quality/look/feel is just different.

    I also live in a very small, rural town, where most people carry $50 bags.

    I rarely offer more info on my bag, other than I got it for a *great* price. lol
  8. yep i agree. My hubby and his friends will drop X amount of money on surfboards, wetsuits, etc and only end up going once a year!
  9. Where are people's manners? It is RUDE to ask price regarding almost anything! Politics, religion and MONEY are off-limits in polite conversation. I wouldn't have acknowledged or entertained any question about price. "Enough" is always the proper answer when someone is rude enough to ask cost.
  10. Yes! In class last week actually... and girl sitting next to me was staring at my bag through part of the class, and then leaned over during the lecture to ask where I got it. (It was my Marine City that I got from BalNY, so I told her the Balenciaga store in NY.) I didn't mind that part! I :heart: sharing the bbag love, and besides - our NM just starting carrying them, so the more the merrier!!

    BUT THEN, after class while we were standing up and collecting our things, she asked LOUDLY, in front of everyone - "SO... you got it from Balenciaga - its REAL then? I've never seen a real one..."

    I must have had a horrified look on my face, because it took me a minute to figure out what to say... I just said something to the effect of Yes, it was real and if she liked handbags she should check out The Purse Forum. ;)

    Then she kind of scoffed and said "Well, I can't afford those! That's too much money for a bag..." UH HELLO!!! :cursing: I just kind of stuttered back, "Well, you know - save, save, save!" I'm thinking, Geez lady! I've owned my own business prior to graduate school (most of the ppl in the class are still working FT jobs while in school), its not my fault that I can spend money on things that bring me enjoyment!!

    Argh!!! One of the things I love about bbags is that I don't consider them to be flashy and have a logo plastered all over them... But when I walked into class yesterday carrying a diff bag (Sandstone PT :heart:) then the time before... everyone sitting around that heard that conversation, I felt was staring at my bag!! :wtf:

    Sorry for the novel... but this just happened - so the feeling of being "Bag Shamed" is still fresh for me!! :Push:
  11. People can be EVIL :mad:
  12. :yes: :yes:
  13. I have had people ask me the price of things I have and I always say enough or a lot.

    It is tacky to me to ask a price of something.
  14. yea i hat when ppl ask those questions the first thing they alwyas ask is is it real..hten they move on to the omg how much did it cost O_O...urgh..too mucch :P