Event on the 14th and i need some 'i am going to pamper myself what to get' advice

  1. I am going to my second store event next wednesday. They are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the Amsterdam store. I have been busy with my traineeship lately and it's tough. I give therapy to children that are a bit behind by playing. It's really confronting and a bit said to see these kids. I also quit smoking a year ago the 28th of the month so i feel like getting myself something small so please throw your ideas at me!

    P.S. is anybody else going
  2. Congrats on quitting smoking! Maybe get the new grey inclusion.:love: Have fun!
  3. Do you have a $$$ limit?
  4. Don't know what to tell you to get - but congrats on quitting smoking!
  5. Congrats on quitting smoking!! It's hard...been there done that. I've been smoke free for 7 years now! How about the grey inclusion or the new cruise collection?
  6. Perhaps Marina's Blue round, Shawl? It all depends on u want accessory/small leather goods/budget. Congrats on quitting smoking, you sure deserve a treat! :flowers:
  7. Congratulations for quitting. What's your budget? Since you said something small, I'm thinking accessories. What about:
    1- cles
    2 - mirage bandeau
    3- zippy coin wallet
    4 - pochette
    5 - bangle
  8. I'm going too. This is my first time so I don't know what to expect.
    Good for you quiting smoking. I quit 10 years ago and have regret that for a moment. You save lots of money for not buying cigarettes.:tup: