Evening star flap information...

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  1. Please can someone tell me when this bag was released?! I saved a pic from one of the threads from a fellow tpfer...and I hear that it also comes in a sparkly white version too?!

    I really love it but I am not so keen on the gold hardware. Does anyone know what hardware the white one comes in?

    Any info girls!?

  2. I haven't got any information either, but I was just about to make the same thread. That picture is in the medium size, and I'd love to know if it comes in small. I love the navy/black and would love it if it had silver hardware. I'm going to see my SA this weekend and see if he knows anything.
  3. The white one comes with gold hardware =) I saw one at Saks.
  4. A28600 - the jumbo size of the parent leather white/black is coming for April. I heard from my SA that it gonna be silver hardwear (but i am not 100% sure). Don't know if the median/large size is coming, as well.

    I guess the jumbo is around $2750 and $2495 (or $2450) for median/large size.
  5. Does the white patents stain may I ask!? I'd love to have oen but only if it has silver hardware it looks so damn gorgeous!!!

    Can you also ask Kara what colours are available when you go!?

    Thanks so much!!
  6. I think one of the other threads originally said that the glitter was red, green and other colors.

    I would search and see what the other threads show...
  7. Yeah I'll def. ask. If he has any information I'll come back and post it for sure.
  8. My SA also sent me a pic of Jumbo Evening Star in black patent, it is so pretty! She said the chain is the same length as classic jumbo, about 13 inches. It is black patent with sparkles of red blue green and silver. It is $2750.

    But i don't know if the HW is silver or gold though?
  9. White patent does stain for sure. Check out the thread on Bag Abuse. That white patent bag was in a hell of a bad shape!
  10. Umm totally put me off white patent :P But black patent, is that finger printy?!?!
  11. ^Saw this bag in Selfridges London and Chanel Bond Street prices just over £1300. I didn't like the glittery stuff in the patent not really my style and yes the shiny black patent can get very fingerprinty. I prefer the look of the distressed patent jumbos.
  12. Hi there, is £1300 for the jumbo size? Would you know if there are any more white versions w/ silver hardware in medium in London??
  13. I don't think so. As I handle one in NM and i didn't see my finger prints on it at all. Unless you just finish eating fried chicken or something....:yes:
    I bought black evening star jumbo and should arrive by Tue. Like I said in other thread, the gold hardware is not my first choice but it this bag since the black patent has sparkles on it, the gold hardware actually compliment the black patent leather and settle off the gold-tone a bit. :tup: