Evening Star - Black or White?

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  1. Hi Everyone! This is my first question in the Chanel forum. I was shopping this week and I fell in LOVE with the Medium Classic Flap Evening Star. I am not sure if I should get the black or white. The only other Chanel I have is a Black GST with Gold Hardware. I am 24 years old. What do you all think?
  2. I'll say go for Black, reason being easier to maintain and i think it looks nicer on black as well. Like~ stars in the night.

    For white, patent leather (if i'm not wrong) can get dirtied very easily and it's almost impossible to remove if the stain sinks deeply into the patent leather.
  3. Black! It's more uhmm... glittery, and the thought of white patent scares me. White patent gets stains, and color transfer really easily -and once it happens, there's really nothing you can do. (I had a bad experience with my Pearl LV Vernis!) -and I kind of prefer the black combo anyways, but if you're you're into the white, you should go for it, because it's pretty too -just be VERY careful! ;)
  4. On the safe side, still black for me as i'm paranoic abt white. Also easy to maintain!
  5. I vote for black.. worry free for color transfer or becoming yellowish over time
  6. Same here, the black evening star is gorgeous! White patent has a tendency to turn yellow and pick up stains
  7. I agree with the other ladies. Get the black.
  8. Black for an Evening Star! : ) Colour transfers on white patent is very heartbreaking....
  9. I vote for black too.
  10. the white is more unique, but black will be my vote. patent white yellow easily.
  11. May I ask what color is the h/w on the one's u have seen??

    I also vote for black as it's easier to maintain.
  12. thanks everyone! i think the combos i saw were black/silver and white/silver.
  13. Black
  14. black for sure
  15. BLack!!!!!!!!!