Evening Primrose Oil for hormonal acne?

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  1. Has anyone tried Evening Primrose Oil to treat hormonal cysts (on chin and jaw line)? I heard it's really effective, and just started trying it myself. Just wondering if anyone here has tried it and seen good results? TIA! :smile:
  2. I have not tried this rin but I would LOVE to know if it works, since that's precisely the kind of acne that I am occasionally "blessed" with. I'll be following this thread!
  3. Hi Loquita! Evening Primrose Oil basically provides the body with an essential fatty acid called GLA, which is what women lack when they experience hormone imbalance. I think people usually take it to relieve PMS symptoms, but for those of us who get acne around that time of the month, that would be one of the symptoms I guess.

    Here's some more info I found by googling. :smile:

    I've just started taking it a week ago. I'm not sure if it's because it's winter time now, but my skin does seem less oily? Maybe I just really want this to work, haha. Keeping my fingers crossed for no cysts when that time of the month comes around!!! :Push:
  4. I have my fingers crossed for you b/c i'd love to know if it works for you, then it probably means it might work for others too. Thanks for providing information about this and just giving some of us women who have those darn cysts some hope. Mine aren't bad at all but just annoying to have.
  5. I took it regularly and noticed my skin was much softer and smoother. I'm taking Barleans 3-6-9 oils right now. I do need to pick up some EPO soon though because I loved how my skin felt.
  6. I'm going to have to try this, as hormonal chin/jaw acne is my problem.
  7. I take 3 capsules of GNC 1300mg softgel for a total of 3900mg a day. I no longer get those angry painful long lasting cystic acne but I still get an acne here and there that lasted no more than a couple days. Another plus is that my periods are much lighter and even my moods are better these days.
  8. I had painful hormonal acne on my chin and I'm in my mid-40s. I was miserable for several months. It all went away once I stopped taking Splenda with my drinks. As soon as I would use it again, my acne came back. They were the kind bad enough to cause ugly blemishes because they were too deep to come to a head (blechh)

    As an aside, does Evening Primrose Oil help with PMS moodiness? I really need help in that department...
  9. Yes, it's supposed to help with all the PMS symptoms, cramps, pain, moodiness, acne, etc.
  10. Wow, this is one of my major issues. Thanks for sharing. I have had very painful periods since I started back in the day. I do get those ginormous cystic zits every month and they are tearing up my chin. I don't pop them, but they are scarring me bad. I will definately looking into this. My only problem is that I am such a weenie in taking pills. They have to be in small tablet size in order for me to be able to swallow them. I know, I'm this grown woman with my throat the size of a chicken.
  11. :lol:

    You are certainly not a weenie, but your description has me laughing my head off!! Have you ever tried dipping the pills in something like olive oil first?

    rin, I am super interested in trying EPO. I may just pick some up tomorrow when I got out with my girlfriend...anything to improve my PMS would be welcome! For me it's all about painful breasts (I swear it hurts to even look at them), cysts on my jawline/chin, and a lousy mood. :sad:

    I am willing to give it a try, in other words! And it's funny that you say rin that your skin seems less oily - I have oily skin as well, but it's always much better when I moisturize it regularly (seems counter-intuitive, but it does work).
  12. I took evening primrose oil for 1 year plus.
    Initially i took 2 per day when my acne was pretty bad and when nearing period, I took 3 per day for 1 week.

    now my acne has subsides, i took one a day.
  13. I just ordered this supplement because Dr. Oz said that it also helps with thinning hair. Did you guys that took it notice a difference in your hair?

    *Edited to add* I just noticed this thread is a year old! Note to self: It's not 2010 anymore.
  14. I've been using Evening Primrose Oil everyday for several years now (except for when I was pregnant). Maybe since 2005?

    In 2010, I developed light to moderate acne - started off in my forehead - disappeared from there, then went to my cheeks (which is still my problem area) and by the end of the year - I had some under my chin/near my neck <-- I read this was a classic sign of hormonal acne- and can be caused by excess androgens.

    I don't know if the Evening Primrose helps minimize androgen production...I am currently on antibiotics, and they are slowly working (it's been nearly 4 months).

    Anyway - I just wanted to post my experience - since I'm a regular user of Evening Primrose Oil, and I still developed hormonal acne.

    Buttercup - I haven't noticed it helping with thinning hair - my mom takes it too - and her hair still thinned with age.
  15. I have been taking EPO for about 6 months now and it has worked wonders on my cystic acne, I can't say enough about it. I had problems with acne in my teens but went on the pill at age 16 and it totally cleared up. I was acne free so long that I forgot what it felt like to have problem skin. I got married a year ago in May and decided to get off the pill. Things were great for 6 months then I started breaking out almost daily with huge painful cystic acne. It really hurt my self confidence, I felt like a monster.
    I got online and tried every thing I could think of, gentle cleansers, Benzoyl peroxide,
    apple cider vinegar, Retin A, Proactive, Aspirin masks, ice. You name it I tried it!
    I read on a beauty forum that someone was using EPO on their face topically by breaking open the capsules. I tried this for a few weeks and while my cystic acne did seem to calm down I was getting little whiteheads from clogged pores.
    I stopped and a month later my cystic acne was back with vengeance. I still had this big old bottle of EPO laying around so I started taking 1000mg a day with my daily multi and the face has improved 100%. I still get the occasional pimple around my TOM but nothing like I was experiencing. This stuff is gold!