Evening News with Katie Couric

  1. How do you think she's doing? I saw it a few times. She was OK. I hear some critics say she is showing too much leg. What are your thoughts?
  2. My husband is a big fan! So we have been watching and critiquing. We think her clothes are a little too dowdy and don't see why she can't show a little style while doing the evening news. Also, her hair slicked back yesterday with that headaband was horrible. I hope she takes some advice and improves because so far we enjoyed her much more on Today. We will see how Meredith does tomorrow!
  3. Katie's ratings have not been good so far.
  4. I really liked her on Today, her warmth & charm showed through readily, but she seems a little stilted in the Evening News. For some reason, she wears the most matronly & ill-fitting clothes, her make-up is way too blah & severe...She needs some colors on her lips and not be afraid to show some flair!
  5. Her personality is not coming out at all- but I am watching every day. Her clothes are horrendous though! I can't quite put it together- she always looked do great on the Today show.
  6. I don't think Katie is really suited for hard news. And it's not because she's a woman. There are other women I can see in that job...but not Katie.

    I think they are going to find that the ratings will go down, if anything. I am sure a number of people will check her out early on and then move on.

  7. I agree. I've never liked her much. I prefer Campbell Brown or Soledad O'Brien to Katie Couric.

    But I'm a Brian Williams fan :smile: I won't stray from NBC Nightly News.
  8. I agree. I can see other women but not her. She's just OK though from what I've seen.
  9. I checked her out one night and then .............back to Brian Williams (who is the absolute best!).
  10. Not a fan of Katie but had to check her out. She needs a younger stylist or something - her clothes are horrendous. I just don't like her in the news in any capacity - she was much better doing fluff on Today. I always found her annoying when she was trying to be a "hard-nosed" journalist.

    I agree with everyone else Brian Williams is the best!
  11. I feel Katie was terrific on Today. It's like seeing an actress stray from her character. We are used to her laughter, silliness and sweet manner and can't even imagine her as uptight and serious. Do you think she could go back to Today if things don't work out on the evening news?
  12. ^Not unless Meredith leaves. I think Meredith is doing well on Today.
  13. I just saw her speak at a seminar I went to- she very good (and very good-looking in real life:nuts: ).