Evening/Cocktail Dress Shopping in LA

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  1. Help! I bought a gorgeous dress for an awards show...online. It's here, beautiful, and too big. Taking it in isn't a good option and I need to hunt for another dress.

    Anybody got suggestions for dress-shopping in LA? I'm thinking between $500-$1500--maybe higher depending on what I run into.

    I've hit Rodeo Drive, the Grove and the Beverly Center--I'm new to LA and need help getting more creative out here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...outlets are fine too. I don't care if the dress is a few seasons out.
  2. Did you go to Saks? It's impossible for me to NOT find something there. I buy most of my clothing there and I can always find the greatest dresses. They are in your price range too. There aren't many dresses over $1,000 there anyway.
  3. You are a shopper after my own heart...I usually always find something at Saks too. I went to the one at Wilshire/Rodeo, and there was this really cute little black wrap dress on the sale rack--it was the only thing that I really liked. Put it on, fit pretty well...dug and found the tag (this was much harder than normal)...was a Dior. $5K. On sale. Arrrgh.

    It was cute, but not $5K cute. I may head back there and look some more. I got the first dress at Saks.com.

    Unfortunately, my shopping quote of the day also came from Saks, "I do not go to pilates three times a week to look this fat in a bath towel." Strapless trapeze dresses are apparently not my look. ;)

    I'm trying Paper Bag Princess, Diane von Furstenberg, Les Habitudes (not much hope there) and Traffic (at the Beverly Center) today. If you have any suggestions, I'd definitely hit them up too!
  4. I alwas find what I need from Nordstrom's, but if you're going to b.H. the you can go to Barney's, Saks, and NM. They are all close to each other.
  5. DvF has a lot of dresses at Saks. I love them..so comfy and they will last you forever. Good luck.
  6. Did you check out that strip of sunset I cannot think of it off the top of my head. it right by mel's there are a few stores there that i would think would have something.