Evening Chanel bag

  1. Ladies..

    I want to buy a Chanel bag that I can also use for evening or maybe just a Chanel evening bag. I haven't had time to look at the Chanel butique to check them out myself so I would love to have your suggestion what would that bag be. Also if you have pics to post that would be great to look at and also as examples. :biggrin:
    Thanks ladies..
  2. Were you looking for black or white?

    Not sure this will work, let me try...
    This is a black lambskin Chanel. Great for evenings.
    Here is a white small caviar.
  3. Almost anything in Luccibag's collection would work but I am partial to the black lambskin myself.
  4. Luccibag you look gorgeous with those two bags!! :love: Thanks for posting pics!

    I am thinking of more of black for the evening..oh gosh what size is your black lambskin? Love the white too! The size is perfect for special occassion.

    Last time I was in Chanel butique, I saw the evening bronz croc chanel but the price is sooo ridicules! I think it's something like $14,000???

    almost got the white ostrich..but wasn't sure and the price is very high too..close to $8,000. Can white be wear for evening? Kind of wonder..we always wear black, gold or silver for evening. I am sure there are other color though that perfect of evening bag.
  5. Thank you Sweetea. The black lamb is the 10" size. I think its considered the medium. I know the 226 size reissue works well for day to evening too. I think I have a pic I can dig up. The 227 is a tad big for evening.
  6. Ok I found my reissue pics. Gray is 226. Works great evening. Black is 227, its kind of big for a dress but would work otherwise I think.
    BLACK 227

    I hope that helps!! Let us know what you end up getting.
  7. Thanks!
    I was wondering and thinking about the black reissue too but wonder what would be the perfect size for evening, small or medium?

    I have the large grey reissue and love it!
  8. OMG Luccibag you have got some beautiful Chanel collection!! Just love all of them!!
    Wow! That medium grey looks really good with black for evening out!

    I think the black reissue in medium or small is a must have bag!

    Now I wonder if there is still one out there available since they are limited?:hrmm:
  9. Well they have reissued the reissues in black. The only thing is the hardware is silver instead of gold.
  10. Yep. You are right about the silver hardwear on the new reissue. :yes:
    I really would like to get the gold hardwear for the evening bag.
    I guess I have to hunt for one or find other chanel bag that fits for me. ;)
  11. Sweetea, have you seen this Chanel evening bag? It comes in black, white, pink, peach & green. It's convenient for me when I'm going out and I don't need to carry a lot of things. I also have a blue one but it's not with me right now. I'll post pics next week.


  12. The white dress with the green bag just looks so fresh and clean. What a pretty combination
  13. Rubygirl, that looks amazing!!
  14. Thanks Michele & Luccibag. I think I might wear the outfit to DH's birthday dinner tonight.:heart: