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your favourite *night on the town* bag?

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  1. I am going to a concert tonight and not looking forward to leaving my City at home but she's too big for tonight. Sadly I need another bag.

    :crybaby: ;)

    So ladies/gents.......

    What bag to you carry at night? Do you carry a first or do you have another evening favorite?
  2. I'm going to Vegas in a few days and I will be taking my magenta pouchette because it's small like an evening bag but with bold color.
  3. I really like my black first for going out!:yes:I have seen some beautiful evening clutches in this forum, too!:love:
  4. my evening favourite is my black satin clutch or my black fbf

    but for something like concert or hea partying, i'll put my money, atm and cc's inside the mini coin purse and put it in my jeans :yes:
  5. My silver box! Taking it to a Valentine party tonight! :heart:
  6. A make-up clutch would also make a great evening bag! I use my pale rose one for going out to dinner or when I just want to take my money, mobile, keys and lipgloss....
  7. My pewter first is an amazing evening bag...dressy but low key enough for me
  8. I am really loving my B-bags! I think they are wonderful, versatile pieces and they suit my lifestyle really well. But - though they always seem to get compliments, I don't really view them as "dressy." So, if you were going to a formal business event (not a dinner party or wedding) - something that requires your best suit, etc (like a "meet the President" kind of thing), what bag would you carry? And if it's not Balenciaga, what would it be?
  9. I only carry Balenciaga...At a formal occasion I would go for a black Oval Clutch (if being conservative) or a SGH Jaune Envelope Clutch...or in any other pop colour...I would keep the dress simple, elegant & black and liven it up with a Giant Envelope Clutch in either, Jaune, Tomato or Violet.
  10. It would probably be my 05 black work or my truffle GGH brief..
    The thing with BBags is theyr always as fancy as u want them to be..u can totally dress em up with heels and matching colours and a matching purse charm..
    as well as dress em down(What I do a lot and LOVE about Balenciaga)
    with sneakers jeans or even a lil rock.y.esque edgy flavour..
    as u see I'm hooked :heart:
  11. I would carry my black 2005 clutch.

    Or My little bit dirty apple green work when i want the people to leave in shock.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  12. If it has to be a bal, I would say a First or a Clutch.
  13. I've got a GGH Aquamarine City, which I consider to be my 'best' bag for formal occasions and I would certainly take that. But I also think that any First would lend itself well to such an event.
  14. Thanks, ladies! I keep trying to "part" with my YSL Muse in Chocolate brown but I get a bit of separation anxiety each time and always think "it's a bit dressier than my Citys" and end up keeping it but not using it. I really just LOVE the style, weight and functionality of B-bags more. I guess the First (I have one in white - would probably do another color but NOT until 2008!) or the Oval Clutch would make good choices for me... I have yet to see an oval clutch IRL but the photos I've seen posted here are so pretty!
  15. Honestly, I do not like the look of the tassels in a formal situation, it seems too casual for the kind of event about which you're speaking. GH would remedy that but I don't personally like GH either, and in very formal situations I always try to be low-key rather than stand out with those giant blingy studs, for example. If I were, hypothetically, meeting the president, I would not want to stand out because of my bag. If I had to choose a bbag, it would definitely be a clutch, the oval clutch is really nice, as is the matelasse clutch, very chic yet understated.