evening bags we love

  1. Do you have an evening bag you love? Or one you lust after?
    Post pictures here, or describe it in detail.

    Here's one I'll never buy but think is extravagently fun:

    It's the Lulu Guinness Feather Fan evening bag. $795 at ashford.com
  2. Here's a whimisical one from kate spade. It's called the puff nia and retails for $425. It also comes in black, and a pink that looks more like a red.
  3. [​IMG]Here are my two evening bags that I just love! They are both by Judith Leiber.

  4. I love Judith Leiber's bags! You have exquisite taste!
  5. i would have to say, i totally love the LV multicolour Shirley! i still havent figured out how to attach pics :-\ *blush*
  6. I love this one. I bought it but returned it though. Just couldn't justify spending $800 on a bag I'd use maybe twice a year (we don't get out much anymore, at least not to dressy events).


    I ended up getting this kate spade wristlet instead. I like it (not as much as the Marc Jacobs, but sometimes have to be practical).
  7. I don't go to a lot of fancy events, so I don't have any bags that can be considered just evening bags. I usually borrow something from my grandmother, who has a few vintage evening bags by Paloma Picasso.
  8. My favorite evening bag is a Kate Spade Bexley Jenel...it's a black leather clutch, with a gold chain that can be worn or tucked in. It's from the same family as this:


    I just love the buckle...reminds me of an Hermes Medor watch.
  9. i actually think the kate spade is nicer!:shame:
  10. I have an LV beige satin mini hobo, mini satin balenciaga, LV beige theda, and two lexington pochettes. I think that these are all considered "evening bags" but I love wearing them in the daytime too; I think you can do that if you get a neutral color.
  11. I have these bags, featured below
    Credit: ebay, E-Luxury and Nieman Marcus
    2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg
  12. Mine would have to be the kate spade satin pink amanda. I haven't used it yet.
  13. It's probably because I'm taking Suzuki violin lessons with my son, but this Judith Leiber bag makes me do a double take. $3,895.00 at Neiman Marcus.

  14. I totally second the first :biggrin: I loveee that bag! If I went out more I'd definitely get it.