evening bag?

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  1. Hi to all,
    This is my dilemma. I'd love your opinions. I have twin daughters who will soon be turning 30. I don't live near them but want to do something a little more special than I usually do for them. I was thinking of giving them an evening/clutch bag with the thought that it would be something they would not ordinarily buy for themselves. I wanted it to be a little bit extravagant. I was thinking in the price range of $250 to $300. Is that enough? I know it cannot be a super high end designer for that price but I found some that I thought looked pretty nice. Any thoughts? Should I increase my budget and try to get an everyday bag instead? I want to make it a memorable gift as I've never done a great job with gift giving.
  2. Hi here are some for me are nice
    just click on the link for details and more pics.:smile:
    Sorry they are a bit over 300 but very pretty

    [​IMG]Isabella Fiore
    Teresa Clutch

    [​IMG]Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Crazy Jewels Clutch

    [​IMG]Michael KorsSutton Clutch, Gold$395.00

    [​IMG]KoobaPenelope Mirror Clutch$345.00
  3. I think it is a nice idea. However, just a thought. Would they *use* an evening bag? For me, it's not something I would normally buy myself because I am not a person who goes out in the evening. Hope I am making sense. Good luck with whatever you choose though. And that Isabella Fiore that was posted is lovely!
  4. I agree with krispin41. You are so sweet for thinking of buying them something special but if they aren't the type to spend nights out, the evening bags might just be left to sit in their closets (I know mine have been sitting there for ages). A bag for day use may be a better option. Or if you want something designer that won't break the bank, check out the Louis Vuitton pouchettes



    Price is definitely within your range. Although they are accessory pouches, they can be used as small bags for day or evening bags for a casual night out. Louis Vuitton also makes a version in epi leather (this may appeal to you more) but it's not posted on eluxury right now and I can't remember how much it goes for. This one would work for both evening and day and comes in black or red with silver hardware (I tried to load a picture of mine for you but couldn't get it to work for some reason). I think if I received any of these from my mom I would definitely be thrilled! And I would certainly use them everyday.

    If you still decide to go for the evening bags though, the ones pictured on top are all pretty. Good Luck!
  5. Thank you ladies for all your help. The pics of the ones you sent are lovely, Sarsi. You other ladies are right, it's not the most practical gift and I've really been second guessing myself. I'm going to look at the LV pouchettes, that's a great suggestion. I've become a little obsessed over getting the right (perfect) thing.
  6. lp1062, it's so nice of you to want to give your daughters special gifts for their 30th. Is your heart set on a bag? I mean how about jewelry?
  7. maybe you can help us more by telling us about what your daughters like to do?

    I know for me, I'm kinda into artsy bags and natural things. A couple years ago (4 I guess) I was getting ready for our anniversary and I went to a little boutique and found an artisan bag the crafted bags with leaf veining stamps. My husband took notice and actually GOT me one for our anniversary. It matched my earth/rust tone outfit too. I have only used a couple of times, but I LOVE it and will keep it forever because it is so me.... Now, if you would have given such a bag to my MIL or my sister, it probably would have been tossed aside as it's NOT them.

    A purse is such a PERSONAL thing that buying one for someone without knowing what they want is really, really difficult.

    if anyone is interested, here's a link to some of those bags I mentioned.

  8. My fave evening bag right now is my Gryson Elissa. Plus, it's not too wild to just wear in the day as well if I want a smaller bag. Unfortunately they are more than $300. You can use the code Toutie though and get 20% off....


    Good luck!
  9. Sometimes a really great accessory can cost a bit but be used so much it's worth every penny. The LV pochettes are great. The new monogram canvas Tulum pochette is wonderful if your daughters tote iPods or cell phones. Don't overlook a nice LV cles or key/coin holder. I use mine EVERY day, just running around. Just a thought. A designer clutch, but not evening bag, can be a good option, too. I love those by Jenny Yuen.

    The main thing with buying a bag for your daughters will be knowing what kind of bag each likes. My Mom once gave me a beautiful Chanel handbag, but it was so not my style that I only wore it once or twice when we went out while she visited. After I thought she'd let its absence go without saying anything, I retired it. It's been sitting in its box in my closet for almost 20 years. dearly appreciated but not used.

    I would give a lot to see the look of surprise and happiness on their faces when you give them such a thoughtful, lovely gift!
  10. Hi to everyone,
    My search is over. I spent way too many hours looking at bags on the internet. I decided against the evening bag idea, it just seemed too impractical. I didn't think it would get enough use and while I wanted it to be extravagant, it seemed a little too much so if it just sat on a closet shelf. So I went with a more practical, everyday sort of bag. I bought a black Gryson Lexi tote from the website (on sale) and a Via Spiga Vivian tote in burgundy from NM Last Call. I haven't seen the Gryson yet. I think I did ok. I hope they will like them and use them. All of this looking at bags has put me in the mood to buy a little something for myself. It's my birthday this week so I might be able to justify it. Thanks for all your help.