Evening Bag with Camellia Attached?

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  1. I've searched the forums endlessly and can't find a picture or any information on a bag that I saw awhile ago (and awhile ago meaning maybe a year ago!). It was a black satin flap small evening bag that had a camellia attached to it on the chain. Does anybody know if this was a seasonal item? TIA!
  2. NM at SHM had that bag in leather last week. I also own it in leather from a few seasons back. It was my first Chanel purchase. I love it.
  3. I saw one in black satin at the Chanel Store in Pacific Place, Hong Kong yesterday. It's probably around USD1,200? :shrugs: (The bag I saw is with gold chain)
  4. I saw this bag bag at NM in Charlotte, NC back in January. I remember when Lib and I went back to Chanel she tried this bag on. It's really nice. It's a very small bag and I believe it had a long chain on so that you could wear it over your shoulder. That's the only time I've seen this bag.
  5. I just saw this bag at the Seattle Nordstrom yesterday! It was very cute.
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    Hi. Seattle Nordstrom has it, and its possibly on sale but I only saw one. So jump on it. xxxxxxxxxxxx (I work there)
  7. Is it this one?

  8. ok im actually only 90% sure. but we definitely have that style in leather or satin. but definitely call them 206-628-2111