Evening bag/clutch help

  1. Hi all,

    Don't really know too much about Chanel except that I really want a small enough evening Chanel bag, either in black or white or that shiny finish (I prefer shoulder bag). Do you have any suggestions? Please post pics and retail price. Thank you.
  2. how about an east west bag? they go for about 1065. very pretty~
  3. Wow...thanks for the ideas...I like the east west bag flap bags! Sorry for a stupid question, is caviar a color or a style of Chanel bag? lol. I should probably do more Chanel research :roflmfao:
  4. caviar is a kind of leather .. it resists scarcthes unlike the regular leather which i dont recall its name LOL ...
  5. i guess lambskin? someone correct me plz