evening bag and everyday bag?suggestion pls..

  1. please suggest which LV can be used as day and evening bag?Purse that goes with anything whether you'd just go out shopping or attend something a bit formal in the evening or just partying at night...thanks!:smile:
  2. Pochette:yes:
  3. i suggest the Manhattan PM :yes:. it works with casual and formal outfits, can hold a lot for when you go out during the day, and looks elegant enough for evening.

    the Pochette Marelle would be nice too, although it's a little small. it can be used as a clutch, and the waist strap can be turned into a shoulder strap too.
    manhattan pm casual 001.jpg manhattan pm 002.jpg pochette marelle 003.jpg pochette marelle shoulder 003.jpg
  4. thanks sandra i just sent a private message oh well you just answered my ques! thanks a lot girl!
  5. I like the suhali le talentueux, it works well with jeans during the day and dressier outfits at night. Black and white are my favorites. :smile:
  6. kellyLV, I think that depends on how much you carry in the daytime. Do you carry more? Less? If less, then I suggest the Pochette, the Speedy 25, Mini Looping or the Segur Pouch. More? Then the Papillon possibly or the Jasmin.


  7. I like the Segur Pouch and the Marelle Pouchette.
  8. I think the Tikal PM goes from day to night very nicely.

  9. thanks a lot everyone:love:
  10. Wow, great suggestions, everyone!

    kellyLV, I was about to post a thread just like this!
  11. Speedy 25 in Epi or Damier
    Epi Soufflot
  12. I think that the Lexington is definitely a nice evening bag that also works for a day or quick jaunt bag. Granted, it's small and will only hold your essentials.

  13. I'd say a Reade PM. I just got one in Fuschia.

    Or the Damier Speedy 25.
  14. would suggest a papillon, prob the 26. it's nice and streamlined and looks great with a suit, jeans or cocktail dress. you can get more in than a pochette and yet you don't feel like you are carting your whole life out if you use it in evening. xx
  15. A Suhali L'Aimable :yes: