Even though my birthday is about 5 months away...I have been thinking...


Dec 12, 2006
Lancashire, UK
I think the Trouville is perfect for going into your teenage years, it's young and fun, not too flashy at all, i think this bag looks fab on woman of all ages, i think you should get it, a keepall is usefull, but you will get more use out of the Trouville :tup:


ooh let me see!
Dec 24, 2006
Scottsdale, Arizona
Okay..... So on October 7th, I will be a teenager :nuts::P:yahoo:........I told my parents that I wanted one or two big presents, like for example LV!! :P

So..........my dad said that he would take me to the LV store someday before, and look at them with me...


1. MC Trouville (hmmm......kinda flashy for someone whos 13, but I :heart: it)

2. Mono Keepall 55 with strap (everyone needs a piece of luggage!)

3. Suhali L'Aimable (cute, but looks kinda old for a 13 year old....but I adore it to death!)

(I am getting the Azur Speedy and perhaps the Batignolles/Neverfull this summer hopfully, so those are out..

If you guys have anymore suggestions, please list them for me


Much love :heart:

lucky you, girl!! it's become a bit of an annual thing for my birthday to go to new york for a weekend (right around christmas) so that daddy can buy me my birthday present. lol. two of the items you are talking about i didn't get until i was 21 and 22! of course i didn't know about anything LV when i was 13 cuz times have changed, but anyway. lol.

for you, get what you think you will walk out of there ecstatic about :yahoo: i got my trouville for my 21st birthday and it is and always has been one of my favorite bags. i was so happy when i walked out of there knowing i had a beautiful trouville in my shopping bag. and i got a black l'aimable for my 22nd birthday -- i wanted a solid black evening type bag (although i use it during the day too) that i'd have forever. so it's up to you...just take a look at the options you've chosen and go from there. i usually walk in and then look at my choices an then my heart chooses. maybe it will work the same for you ;)


Happy to be me
Jul 12, 2006
The MC Trouville sounds cute. If you still like it in the 5 months until your birthday, you'll know it was the perfect choice.
Oct 24, 2006
okay...... UPDATE:

I tried the Trouville on ,and I liked it!! It looked very nice, and cute!

I also tried on the Neverfull MM and PM and the Saylea, and I like the Saylea and the Trouville the best :smile:

diva lee

Mar 29, 2006
You should totally get the MC Trouville. It's a fun, youthful looking bag. I bet you would carry it well.
Dec 13, 2006
I'm Oct. baby too, on the 25th I'll be 34.

I love the mc trouville and strongly considered it for a while but it's not for me size wise, need bigger. I say go for it, it's lovely!