Even though my birthday is about 5 months away...I have been thinking...

  1. Okay..... So on October 7th, I will be a teenager :nuts::p:yahoo:........I told my parents that I wanted one or two big presents, like for example LV!! :p

    So..........my dad said that he would take me to the LV store someday before, and look at them with me...


    1. MC Trouville (hmmm......kinda flashy for someone whos 13, but I :heart: it)

    2. Mono Keepall 55 with strap (everyone needs a piece of luggage!)

    3. Suhali L'Aimable (cute, but looks kinda old for a 13 year old....but I adore it to death!)

    (I am getting the Azur Speedy and perhaps the Batignolles/Neverfull this summer hopfully, so those are out..

    If you guys have anymore suggestions, please list them for me


    Much love :heart:

  2. I love the keepall it is so useful.
  3. Yeah, a keepall would be great! Or maybe you could get something smaller that you could use more often? Maybe one of the new amarante bags?
  4. How about Bindi :graucho:
  5. lol! When one leaves the teen-age, someone enters it! I'll be leaving the teen-age October 6th!!
    Get the keepall, and something like a small everyday bag!
  6. ^^ hehehehehe.......our birthdays are very close!
  7. I already have alot of small bags, and a few accesories, so I was thinking a larger sized bag

  8. MC Trouville would be good :smile:
  9. Keepall~!:tup:
  10. No freakin' way!!! My b-day's on October 6th too!!! I'll be 21!!! :party: :tispy:

    I would get the MC Trouville... I bet you would really rock that bag. :tup:
  11. do u think the Trouville will look too flashy??
  12. i really like the Niominka Open Toe Mule in the brown too

  13. Saw one last Saturday, not flashy at all, just right :smile:
  14. Nope... the Trouville isn't flashy at all!

    Well technically, yes. With all of the bright colors and gold hardware... :p
  15. hmmm.......do u guys think i should go with the mono or the mc?? i am leaning more towards the MC though