Even though it's still winter, it's blooming at Luv's house!

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    So...I was being pretty good. But a few Tanos have been on my mind. I couldn't resist anymore. She arrived on Wed! I was so excited but didn't have time to take pics until this morn.
  2. So, y'all know I wanted a TA Boogie. Well, this is not a TA Boogie, so that's still on the list!

  3. #3 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Edit...sorry gals...realized my image had a magazine with my name/address on it in the pic. Need to crop.
  4. Yes...after TK's recent purchase, I could no longer resist. I kept going back to look at her beautiful Blossom bag, so I had to get my Blossom Boogie! I am so glad I did. She's beautiful!

    I'm not usually much for pink, but I am recently obsessed with the Spring's fuschias. This is perfect for me, as it's a darker, rich pink without being super bright and crazy. It's a good pink for me.

  5. Leather close-up...very pretty!


    Side view...brown trim.

  6. Inside shot...orange lining, which I don't mind at all with the pink. I actually like pink and orange together...very Lilly Pulitzer! Reminds me of the colors in Vera Bradley's old Sherbet pattern, which I loved.

  7. Anyway, there she is, and I can't wait to carry her!
  8. Great Boogie reveal. Seems like we've been hurting for one around here. :biggrin:
  9. Haha, I guess there haven't been any Boogie reveals in a while...you can always count on me :biggrin:. I have to make up for the ones I recently sold. However, this time, I'm trying to add colors that are NOT similar to others in my collection. I need some "warm" colors!
  10. That's so pretty! And you're right, it does look great with the orange too!

  11. Gorgeous!!!

    I really love the blossom color!!

    We need a new boogie pile picture!!
  12. That's right! I will do one this weekend.
    Thanks! If anyone has any inclination to get a pink Tano, I highly recommend Blossom. This is coming from a hard-and-fast non-pink gal.
  13. totally gorgeous, Luv! congrats! I've been wanting a Blossom boogie too, but i just can't justify it.

    enjoy! feel free to post more bag porn... :yes:
  14. Haha, thanks, shessica! I will def get to that Boogie pile photo this weekend. Then, I want you all to tell me what colors you think I need to add to the collection!
  15. Congrats LUV!