Even the nailpolish!

  1. :yahoo: Woohoo, just got the blanc ceramin nailpolish. I love it except my nails have already scratched :sad: Which color should I get next?
  2. I couldnt decide and got all six colours! But I would totally recommend the pink because its easy to apply and can be worn everyday...!
  3. i got madness ... cause i am going crazy!!!
  4. Did you purchase vanity? I like the color on the website and when I went to Nordstrom, someone had stolen their tester! I like the color but was wondering if it was too pink...I :heart: madness though! :yes:
  5. Vamp!

    I don't actually like Chanel's nail polish. It chips amazingly fast compared to OPI and Essie.

    I have Essie's version of Chanel's Vamp. Shhhh!
  6. I'm not sure if the pink I got was called vanity..here in hk it's called allegra or something like that and it's a light pink...

    All in all I purchased the noir and blanc ceramic, madness, two metallic shades (silver and holographic) and the pink...