Even the FIRE's couldnt stop the Fedex man

  1. ***First let me express my deepest sorrow to ALL those who are affected by the fires here in California***

    Is'nt it ironic how an emergancy can change your presepective? With the thought of evacuations, fires, displaced family members....my mind was not on "where is my bag??? what the h*ll happened to my bag??? Darn fedex MAN!!!" Or even on "how do i save all my bags?". funny thing was that my purses where the last thing on my mind. I remember a thread way back when asking "if there was a fire which bag would you grab first?". Well I guess in my case it was whatever i was using right then and there.

    So its Monday morning and I'm was currently at work trying to figure out what was going on. At that time it was only the Witch Creek fire that was currently active in our area. Knowing that family members had already packed and evacuated I was somewhat relieved. Being in the most southern part of San Diego I had given myself a false sense of security. Unfortunately it was not longed lived. The Harris fires that originated in Tecate Mexico crossed international borders and was now on a bee-line to our area. Yes it was a way from us and had to cross a few freeways, neither the less it was coming. My MIL & FIL live in Eastlake Woods Estates and their house is situated at the foot of the mountain & valley. I called and pleaded for them to hurry up and get out. Of course the FIL was in complete denial and said the fire would never reach them. (in between all of this I got a call from my assistant Gracie that my "package " was in route) Finally at 2pm the in laws had a mandatory evacuation and left to come over to our house. (Gracie calls again to let me know my package is in route, yes she is quite dedicated) I'm finally at home and DH has his parents all situated (DH insisted that they take our room so we stayed in the guest room. FIL has medical issues and we wanted them to be as comfortable as possible.) Oh and yes Gracie calls me again to tell me Fedex was still on their way. She is presistant! So evening comes around and still no sign of fedex. Its OK since again it was the last thing on my mind. We had our eyes glued to the news and the phones were ringing nonstop. It was crazy. Over the horizon we can see the glow of distant fires. The air smelled of ash and burnt wood. You can see the snow of ash cover everything exposed. A blanket of sorrow was all that could be seen from miles around.

    It was around 12:30am when everyone finally fell asleep......and I heard the most terrible, frightening, heart renching news....our mountain was on fire. It was only 3 miles away and closing. No mandatory or even voluntary evacuations issued just yet. So I woke up DH to let him know what was going on. DH just said to keep an eye on the news ang get some supplies ready to go...just in case.

    Morning roles around and we get everyone up (did I tell you that Gracie calls again to let me know Fedex is still on their way). We made the decision to leave before the fire gets any closer. So we packed up as much food, water, clothing, blackets, paperwork, and sentimental items as we could. Did I tell you at this time I completely forgot about getting any of my bags???!!! 10am roles around and we are all packed up and in the cars. As DH pulls out of the driveway we see the all to familiar white van with red & blue letters. Yes it is him...my hero..my knight in shining armor...it is the Fedex delivery man. He pulls the van over, quickly hopes out and heads to the back. Quickly he pulls out a familiar shaped box...just large enough for an "orange box". He quickly runs up to our car and tells me "I'm sorry mrsSP that I wasnt able to get here sooner...". My heart fluttered at the thought of the content withen that brown, seriously taped up box. I bid farewell to the Fedex man and headed to safer grounds..........

    TO BE CONTINUED (give me a few hours:p:p)
  2. Oh, I am already in tears! I can't wait to read more! Happy thoughts your way dearest SP!
  3. OMG Simply Princess ~ what a story, I'm glued to the edge of my seat.
  4. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness you and your family were able to make it out safely!!
  5. Oh ... hope you and your family all are safe...
  6. oh wow....stay safe and hope the box brightens your day. Bags can be replaced, but the safety of your family can't be. We evacuated on 9/11 and couldn't return for months so I can understand the anguish of not knowing the status of your home, let alone H bags. Hope you return safely to your home soon.
  7. My prayers and thoughts are with your family...:heart:

    BUT hurry up and tell us the rest of the story! LOL...
  8. Woah! I'm so glad you, DH and parents-in-law are safe!
    I'm so nervous for you all! I hope everything is ok!
  9. OMGOSH! Pls take care of urself and ur family! BE SAFE!!
  10. SP - most important thing is that you and your loved ones are safe! take care!
  11. oh, SP!!! Stay safe!!!
    That Gracie is one in a million!!!!!
  12. Wow, that guy is sure dedicated in his job! But what's important is the safety of all the people. Am so glad that your family got out safely! Please take good care of yourselves.
  13. Stay safe SP. Hope the family is well
  14. Take care and wishing everyone out there well.
  15. Take Care, My Prayers Go Out To To You And Yours