Even the construction workers are chic!

  1. You can't stop the music........
  2. OK, we need to buy this for Rose to wear when she does Roll Call for us on Saturday at the NY meet!!
  3. Funny... :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Finally! An Hermes I can afford!
  5. :roflmfao:
    Looks like a great accessory to go with some Hermes knee-pads . . .
  6. I'm SO buying it for Rose.....
  7. LMAO!!!! I can just see it now. GF with her Corn Hat, Japster with her Melon, S'Mom with the Cheese head and Rose looking a whole heck of a lot like one of the Village People!!!!

    ...omg......I'm just cracking up......
  8. :supacool: :lol:
  9. Yes, you all need this for New York!!!
  10. I think if a construction worker whistled at me wearing that, I might actually turn around! :wtf:
  11. whoa! watch out for a bidding war -- my husband is in construction and i HAVE to get that for him! (rose can borrow it next month :p )
  12. Too funny!!! DQ...my DH would love it as well (real estate, engineering)...but you have dibs!!! Good luck with your bid!!!