Even "smaller" metallic reissues available!

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  1. To add to the sizing confusion on the metallic reissues, my SA at Saks just got in two even "smaller" reissues! They are in Metallic Black and Metallic Silver and measure 7.5 x 5.5 inches! She said they are on a really long chain and could be worn cross-body. I didn't get the price from her but she will be working on Saturday if you're interested! Lisa at Saks Tampa - 813-371-5100. :tup:
  2. Thanks Photo! I've been wanting a small Chanel to wear to dinner or cocktails, this may be a good option! Did you by chance get the price?
  3. If this is the same one as I got, it's $2250. I think it's equivalent to the 224.
  4. would love to c pics?!!
  5. ^^OK, I actually was going to post all of my Chanels, but got too lazy (I wasn't dressed properly, LOL!)

    Let me load it up now.....
  6. It sounds like the wallet on a chain. (Same measurements as mine). Price was $1450 I believe?
  7. Update: She has them in Black and Gold and they are $1450. They're smaller than the 224. I don't think they are the wallet on a chain?! Maybe?!
  8. Thanks for the info---I have been looking for the black.
  9. I saw these babies tonight (and forgot to bring my camera!). They are NOT the Wallet on a chain. They are "mini" reissues! They sure are cute!!! Saks still has one in black.
  10. Thanks for the info!
  11. I wonder if you mean little "phone bags" like this one? Pic is bb2006's.

  12. Nope...not a phone bag. WHY is that photo so huge?!
  13. Yikes Ladies! Resize photos for the web! 4x6 at 72 dpi is big enough!
  14. WOWOWOW!!!! BABY REISSUES!!!!!! HOW CUTE! Double flap and everything??????