even more retail therapy!

  1. Holy smokes I love love LOOOOOOOOVE the black and white signature!

    I don't know if I made any promises about how much I would or wouldn't shop since my recent split with BF but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :supacool:

    Check out my cool new slides and Chelsea satchel! I won't wear these at the same time (too matchy matchy for me) but they are gonna be workhorses for me all summer!!

    woo hoooooooo!
    coach june 001.jpg
  2. Nice. :tup:
  3. great buys! love that satchel and those shoes are adorable!
  4. i really was eyeing that satchel when I bought the leather one yesterday ;) I just had to add that. I probably will end up getting it eventually though LOL
  5. nothing wrong with buying yourself a little something...i'm guilty of the same thing, all the time. congrats!
  6. Very cute set. Congrats!

    And retail therapy is the BEST therapy! :graucho:
  7. Darling!! I have been eyeing those shoes for a while now.. and that bag.. I just posted about it!! can it fit on your shoulder? any pics of the inside?? I love it online, but have no coach near me at all and no dept store that carries coach.. I really wanted to know what this was like!! Any advice or pics would be great.. beautiful choices btw!! :tup:
  8. ^^ Just a moment...let me get the camera again...

  9. ohhh... thank you so much!!!! :yahoo::nuts::yahoo::nuts:
    I really appreciate it! It is so hard to try and visualize it!! :confused1:
  10. Great looking satchel!! I like the clasp
  11. OK, here's a couple more pics!

    One is of me carrying it. Doesn't work on my shoulder but it's a good crook of the arm bag which is fine by me! :tup:

    And, here's a pic inside - greyish nylon/cotton lining.

    Coach June 004.jpg coach june 005.jpg
  12. That is a really great looking bag and very cute shoes! Enjoy!
  13. Very cute :tup:
  14. Very cute.. thanks for the pics!! Are the straps too small to go on your shoulder? I was wondering about that. veryyy cute bag.. you did good!!
  15. ^^ The straps are just long enough to go over the shoudler but given the width of the bag it doesn't feel right on me and just looks out of proportion.

    I love it! Time to go grocery shopping and break her in!