Even more new stuff from Elux !!

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  1. $215 Metallic Inventeur Keychain -- I HAVE TO HAVE THIS !!!!


    Antigua Pochette Plate PM

    Comes in Black, Blue and Pink


    Pochette Plate GM

  2. That keychain is a cutie (First the fortune now this one) but wow those plates are completely boring and overpriced.
  3. I love the Vuitton keychains !

    And I agree that the plates are kind of overpriced, I'd rather just get a vernis cles.
  4. what's the size of the plate...is it cles size?
  5. 7.8" x 5.9" for the plate versus 5" L x 3" H for the cles. So slightly larger.
  6. And has anyone seen these keychains before ? I'm not a fan but they're on eLux for only 230$ !


  7. the last one reminds of Mariah Carey's skirt...
  8. Did you notice that LiLo was wearing it on the same day ? It looked much less like a lampshade on her.. I love Mimi and all, but her fashion sense is just lacking at some (many) times !
  9. They keychains aren't that bad...I wouldn't mind getting the very first one (the new one) but it would be way too bulky w/ my keys and then I would never be able to fit it in any bag.
  10. yeah...i'm not a big fan of either, but LiLo wore that skirt MUCH better than Mariah...sometimes Mariah is too tacky for her own good.
  11. The first keychain is alright. Not too crazy about the knot though. I'd be afraid that the knot would eventually come loose and goodbye keychain. But the last 2 keychains with the big "V", when I looked at them, my first impression was that they looked like they were geared towards men - they have a very "masculine" design.
  12. I'm getting the blue one for my dad for fathers day. they were part of the mens collection. He liked it.
  13. Cute key ring, but it appears it's sold out as well. Wow, that was fast.
  14. The new antigua pochette plates are alright - I like the new colours.
    It seems pink is one of the focus colours this year for LV - eg, the framboise, the perforated fuschia items, the upcoming pink denim, and now the antigua.
  15. lol Only $230 for a keychain! I'll take 10! hehe, love you Ayla.