Even more new LV !!

  1. Does anyone know the name of this line?
    The only one I like is the Gondole. If it comes in black.

  2. Quilted Denim Pony
  3. i love them. How much are they on eluxury.
  4. Cool, do you like any of them?

    I think the Linda quilted is growing on me.

    In Euros:

    Gondole 2,200
    Linda quilted 2,400
    Musette 2,300

    Question, is there a way to do the Euros sign on an American keyboard?
  5. i like them all.
  6. Wow, those are nice looking and different!

  7. I started a post about the quilted Linda but no one responded:shame: I saw on French Vuitton that the quilted Linda is 2400 euros:nuts:
  8. they are so much.
  9. Gondole looks good but why so $$$?
  10. Is it denim?? I like the look of the quilted linda but the price would be so high here.
  11. They're cute.
  12. Interesting styles - rather nice. Better than the "Charms line".
    What type of material is it - is it a blend of fabrics?
  13. Cute
  14. WOW, they're so different! I read it on businessweek or wsj that LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault made it a rule that there will be 20% of new design every season. Part of effort to continue to make LV a legacy brand.. although we all know it already is... in my heart:love:
  15. ooooh the purple and green are cuuuuties!!!