Even MORE confused

  1. ok, as i stated my mc had some issues, as do i.
    for starters I have 3 coco cabas and than I bought the mc. I am thinking that I should return the mc and buy another flap and perhaps another gst.
    anyone have any opinions? i paid 3k for the mc with shipping and handling and tax-but if i returned it I could get 2 classics (either 2 flaps or a a flap and gst) before the price increase for another 800 or so. I just feel with the price increase i need to jump on the classics that i have been neglecting. I just bought the pink medium flap on friday so I was thinking either getting the black jumbo or a burgundy gst for the price of the mc +some $$$.
  2. I would return it. I love the mc -- have one myself -- but not with 3 baby cabas bags. (I actually would consider selling one of the baby bags instead.)
  3. i have the original in leather, vinyl and denim. no baby's thats why i am thinking about returning.
  4. 3 cabas?? You lucky girl. Im green with envy :blah:
  5. Ok, to the question .. I would return the mc ang get a classic flap
  6. 3 x Cabas wow!!!!!!!
  7. but is the mc a waste
  8. I personally love the mc. If you don't love it, return it. If the gst and the flap are something you really want more than the mc, then yes, you should exchange it.
  9. i would get 2 flaps before the increase.
  10. i "like" the MC, but i LOVE the cabas :yes:
    so i would say get a classic instead :p
    i also have 2 cabas, 2 originals and 1 baby. and i was thinking bout getting the MC, but i ended up with buying a vintage jumbo classic, and it really completed me.
  11. It seems your gut is telling you to leave the MC alone this time. Seems keeping it just does not sit right with you for some reason.... So that could be a good thing and you can now get one (or two!) you are super crazy about, and not get one that is a nice bag and like but you are not excited about.....