Even more confused about Clichy 120 sizing??

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  1. I'm in the market for patent leather Clichy 120s and am completely confused about the sizing. I read in the reference library that one of our TPFers bought a whole size up, but I believe it was for the 100. Then I read in the sizing thread that Clichy buyers should go 1/2 size up. I called around to a few boutiques and an SA told me to buy 1/2 size down since it's a 5" heel and that's what her other customers have been buying. Can someone please enlighten me on the most appropriate sizing to go for? I'm usually a size 36, I have a pair of patent leather decollete 100mm in 37 that fit fine with a heel liner and a foot pad for the ball of the foot, should I go with my decollete size? :confused1:
  2. I think you should go with a 36.
  3. Thank you! That's all I needed to hear. The SA confused me saying that with such a high heel, going down half a size is what everyone was doing. But I've always been under the impression that with heels, if anything, you should go up in size. Imagine my confusion. Thanks, Laureen!
  4. I tend to size down from the CL size in higher heels, but for the Clichy 120, I found that I should go with my regular CL size. BTW, your Pigalle 120 size is probably more like 35.5 or 35.
  5. Ooh, thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
  6. Here's what I did:
    Clichy 100 37.5 (up half size from my normal CL size)
    Clichy 120 37 (my usual CL size)

    I probably could go with a 36.5 in them as far as length, but with the pitch of the heel, my foot is impossibly thrust forward into the front of the shoe, thereby squishing my toes. 37 allows for more room in the toebox.

    As far as the Pigalle in the 100 I am 37 in the 120 36.
  7. I have my Clichys 120 in both Sizes and the 1/2 Size down is better for my.
    Because of no heel slippage.
    The 100 is always in the normal CL Size
  8. sorry to jump in..so if my pigalle 100mm is 37, and my most CL is 37.5, except Declic 38, so my clichy 100mm size is 37.5 and 37 for the 120mm, right?
  9. ^^Sounds about right.
  10. Sounds right. You'd have to try one of them on to be sure though.