Even more Burberry....

  1. So it seems that every time I go to Holts sales I find some classic Burberry treasures...

    These are what I got from the sale...

  2. lovely!
  3. Congrats!!! Love the flats! What percent off were they? :flowers:
  4. They were a little over 30% off...its hard to find such classics on sale so I lucked out...
  5. Most definitely! Great find :graucho:
  6. Very nice Mona!
  7. I'm diggin the shoes.
  8. Congrats - love the bag and flats!
  9. beautiful flats and tote!
  10. Ohh, I love that bag! It looks so functional, I love nice cross body bags.
    They are great when you need your hands free. The flats are lovely as well! Congratulations and enjoy :biggrin:!
  11. Beautiful! By the time i got to Holts those flats were gone in my size :cry: Great find!
  12. Both are cute congrats! Yes sale starts soon at Burberry stores worldwide.
  13. I absolutely adore those flats!
  14. Nice! may I ask how much was the bag? I didn't see this style in the store =(
  15. I found the bag at the Ottawa store and it was $299