Even in an ebay slump, some people ares still nuts!

  1. Wow!:nuts:
  2. person who sold it is lucky
  3. THAT'S EFFING CRAZY!!! :wtf:

    ...and the auction doesn't even say "sold out worldwide" or "limited edition" as it does in other auctions of bags that are still in stores!!! *nods head*
  4. another weird happening in eBay and i wish i am e seller :happydance:
  5. WOW .... that is so crazy and weird!

    That seller got a huge profit from that sale.
  6. Wouldn't count on that one until it's paid for. That's just too odd.
  7. OMG:wtf:
  8. Interesting..
  9. Wow. Reminds me of whoever actually bought the red/creme CB pochette yesterday for $699!
    It went for SO long without selling then all of a sudden, someone used the BIN on it. :wtf:
  10. Holy smokes! That's insane! :wacko::smash: I wonder if they will actually get paid for it?
  11. Gosh why don't I ever get bidders like that?
  12. Boy I wish my LV would resell for that much
  13. Crazy!!!!
  14. Totally crazy! I also don't get it when people BIN when there is a Best Offer option. I mean doesn't that automatically mean the seller is willing to take a little less than the BIN price???