Even if Chanel *doesn't* increase their prices tomorrow...

  1. ...it seems as if the rumour alone would have been worth it for them-- they must have made a KILLING this month from TPF members alone!! :ninja:
  2. Can you imagine what would happen if the pfers decided to return them?:nuts:

  3. Haha, Cyprus, that would be a shock to Chanel's bottom line, for sure!:wtf:
  4. It would be funny if they waited a few months and then lowered the prices. There would be another mad rush to buy.
  5. I agree, but unfortunately it is NOT a rumor. I wish it was, but when I was at NM yesterday, my SA showed my the price list. The caviar flap that is $1995 today is $2495 tomorrow...that is $500!!! and they went from there on the other sizes. I bought the Jumbo caviar, that I have wanted for some time, and now I will buy when it is something really special!