Even EBAY LIVE HELP agents can be rude..geez!

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  1. I'm online chatting with these people about a billing issue.

    Even though this is online chatting, I feel as if they don't even want to help me.

    Anyone else ever felt like even their agents on via chat are rude or careless sometimes??

    Instead of hearing me out and letting me explain, they just hit the transfer button and cut me off. Then I can't even get enough time to read what they said because the screen refreshes to a new blank one.
  2. Btw, I would probably really enjoy it if I got to chat with customers all day and get paid.

    It's not face to face!
  3. I've been cut off on purpose too before, they are pretty ridiculous.
  4. They are useless and rude. I filled out a survey and rated them as such.