Even Baby Elephants Love LV!

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  1. I saw this in Vogue today, and I don't think anyone here posted the picture (feel free to close if someone did)

    This is from the Keira Knightley in Africa photoshoot for Vogue. A baby elephant wearing LV! I nearly died of cuteness when I saw the picture.


    What a stylin' little baby!:heart:
  2. adorable! i'd like a throw like that for myself while watching tv! :biggrin:
  3. It's so cuteeee :love:
  4. LOL loved that picture, was thinking about posting it too, but didn't have my digi cam with me!
  5. wow that's a real small baby .. very thin too. hope the LV is keeping him warm :love:
  6. OMG, its so cute!!! My elephant LOVES LV too!! see?

  7. what a cutie!! Is that a blanket? Is it new? any details?
  8. I think all animals have an inner LV somewhere, even my wacko little puppy!!

    Even UGLYDOLLS like LV!!!

  9. That baby elephant is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. omg - your pics are too cute!
  11. Aww........I love elephants! And a baby elephant with LV is too cute!
  12. Really cute pic :smile:
  13. Very cute pic!
  14. That's adorable! I love elephants!
  15. Haha That is WAYY too cute.