evelyn's going to Nicaragua I think

  1. well my SA was great and found me the pm2 in ebene and had it overnighted to me so I could take it today. My flight has been delayed thank goodness because i would have missed it. I had an emergency patient who I just couldn't abandon so I didn't get home in time. But as things happen for a reason. My flight is delayed. Then, my husband wasn't home when fed ex arrived so my evelyn is waiting in the main office and we are leaving now to get it on our way to the airport. It has snowed so hopefully their office won't be closed. And, my ankle ended up being broken instead of just a bad sprain so I'm in this boot of a contraption on my leg. So, I will try and send pics of me and evelyn in the jungle with my mosquito hat and my funny boot and if everything goes well I guess it was ment to happen. At least I'm treating my self to first class so I can unwind from this stressful day. Have fun all of you while I'm away and I'll try to find a computer when I'm in civilization. I will miss tPF and all of you but I know I can find a computer somewhere down there.
  2. Have fun, Loren! Get Well (ankle) soon!

    Can't wait to see your Evelyne! Ebene is DIVINE!!!!!
  3. I am so glad that you'll have Evelyne with you. It will make things easier having her across your shoulder. You sure are brave to be taking such a trip with a broken ankle. I'm such a baby, I could never do that! Bon Voyage!
  4. Wow - loren, that is an adventure! Have a safe trip and hope the bag is everything you dreamed it would be!
  5. Oh Loren, sorry about the ankle. After you originally posted about it, I wanted to ask if you had had an x-ray. Then I figured what a stupid question for her, she knows what to do? I had to wear the boot thing for a spiral fracturen of my left distal fibula. Wait until you take your sock off after it has been in there for a week or two. LOL! I think it was the same smell that just stank up Manhattan and New Jersy! Try and enjoy your rest and hope there won't be too much rain for you.
  6. Loren, I hope you heal nicely with your Evelyne to ease the pain. What a day!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip, we will be looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able to be back in touch.

    Thank you again for help with my quest as well..

    safe journeys to you!!!
  7. LOREN!!!!! Safe journey!!!! Here's hoping for many wonderful stories and PICTURES when you return!!!!!
  8. um, Loren, are you in a fricken movie??? How surreal! I hope your ankle heals, you are really brave to do what you are doing. :wtf: You deserve a new Hermes bag after this, FOR SURE!!!!:sweatdrop: You could not pay me to do what you are doing woman!!!!! You are special!!!!!!:shocked:
  9. Loren have a great trip! You are braver than I for taking this trip with a broken ankle. Looking forward to pics of you and Ms Evelyne!
  10. Sounds like your adventure started before you even got to Nicaragua!!! Take care of that ankle and have a wonderful time! Please be sure to post pics:yes:
  11. Oh my! What a story!! I hope you have a wonderful (and safe trip), Loren. Come back with lots of pix and stories for us!
  12. You are adventurous!!!! No wonder E took a liking to you!!! Sorry to hear about the ankle, but glad to hear it's not stopping you either.
  13. Loren, get better soon and have a safe trip.:flowers:
  14. Hope you feel better soon! Have a wonderful trip with your Evelyne!!!
  15. ohh have fun on your trip with ms evelyn :smile: