Evelyne's here!!!!!

  1. She's here!!! :drinkup: :party: I am so excited!!! My first Hermes bag!!!!!
    DH just got home. He was bringing in his suitcase and I was thinking, oh no...no orange box. Then he said, oh I have some papers in the front seat would you mind getting them for me? No papers but there was the most gorgeous box. :graucho: So I squealed so loud I am sure the neighbors heard me.:lol: And went running inside to open her up. So here she is...Miss Evelyne!!! I will take some pics of me wearing her tomorrow but I have my pajamas on now. :flowers:
  2. Wooohooo!:love: beautiful!!! congratulations!:drinkup: Love that color, love that bag!
  3. Hey, does she not go with pajamas?
  4. P.S. thank you for the lovely pictures:tender:
  5. wow gorgeous gorgeous bag!! congrats!!! so happy for you!!:tender::cutesy:
  6. Wow, this is very exciting news!!! Sweet husband! Envy you!!!


    The bag is fabulous! Can't wait to see more pics tomorrow.

  9. Thank you everyone! Chris is cracking me up right now telling me about his shopping experience. He said he walked in wearing shorts and a T-shirt and was largely ignored by the SA's who trying the bags on themselves. :lol: Then he saw the SA who had helped us last year when we went to SCP. He said it was so funny because after listening to me ramble on about Hermes constantly he knew all the names, history of the bags, you name it. He said they were all looking at him like "why does he know all this stuff?" :roflmfao: Then he said at the mall and at the airport more than one lady asked him what was in the box. :lol: Anyway, when he went to pick her up today he said they replaced her in the case with a BJ Kelly. I can't wait to take Miss Evelyne to SF tomorrow for her first shopping trip. :girlsigh:
  10. :roflmfao: She's casual but not that casual. :lol:
  11. crochetbella, she is a beauty!!! Congratulations..
  12. OMG Heather! I log-off for a few hours and come back to THIS!!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    It is FABULOUS! CONGRATULATIONS, Heather! Wear that beauty well and ALL the time because she's PERFECT for you!!!!!!

    And give that sweet hubby a big Kiss tonight because he did a beautiful thing!!!!!!
  13. Beautiful Evelyne!!! Congratulations on your Hermes! Definitely wear her tomorrow and take TONS of pictures!:flowers:
  14. oh she's stunning... congrats. your DH did a very sweet deed. in fact this seems to be happening a lot lately w/ other PF members. haha - must be an epidemic (the good kind, of course).
  15. Beautiful:love:

    Your DH is a gorgeous thing!!! What a wonderful gift - I love her!!!!!!!