Evelyne TPM Button Hardware Color

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  1. Hello, my Hermes Experts. I sent in my Etain PHW Evelyne TPM to FP. They sent me notice that they're sending it back cos the button hardware doesn't match the strap hardware. My strap hardware is palladium, and they're saying the snap button color is gold. Has anyone else experienced a mismatch like this?
    I didn't think anything of it cos I bought the bag directly from the Hermes website. Any help would be appreciated.
    I don't have the bag back yet, which is another fiasco and I'm going crazy just thinking about this. thank you!
  2. Hermès will fix this...but you need to get your bag back! I’m disappointed in quality control here - sorry this happened to you.
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  3. Thank you for your response! I'll contact Hermes after I get the bag back. Even if it's been a year, you think they'll still fix? I honestly never even thought to look at the button color.
  4. Absolutely. Even if the finish wore off the button, a year would be way too soon. H is good about replacing defective hardware.
    I'm wearing a TPM right now and had to doublecheck the button myself - it's not exactly prominent :smile:
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  5. OK, you just eased my heart..I'm quite new to H. Appreciate the help!
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