Evelyne Strap for Kelly??

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  1. Hi! I've inquired about the canvas strap for my kelly from our local H boutique & they seem to don't know anything about it :sad:... so I'm thinking of looking for a black Evelyne w/ GH instead & use the canvas strap for my bag... Can the clasp of the Evelyne strap fit the Kelly? (My bag is the older model w/o the extra hook for the strap)


    ps. (just in case anyone sees a black canvas strap PLEASE PLEASE tell me )
  2. I talked to the NYC store and they said you could order one...he quoted me 2 yrs and $495 (for a canvas strap) so I passed. GL!
  3. You can definitely order a canvas strap for your kelly. It is best to do it in person, so you can measure the exact length you want. I just picked one up for my BJ kelly. It was $330.
  4. As an aside, this February at podium they were showing a kelly with canvas strap instead of leather. It was called something like the SO sport, but it was the standard kelly we know and love, not the So Kelly.
  5. Have your SA do a search. With single ring kelly bags, as per Claude, there will always be some rubbing, but H can change the hardware type from evelyne to kelly lobster claw which is thinner (I have had this done). Also there are other threads about the canvas strap on tpf. good luck.
  6. Thank you christymarie340, lulilu, gga & 880! Hope i can find one soon :smile:
  7. The name of kelly canvas strap is called bandouliere.
  8. ^^Now this is interesting...
  9. thanks so much for that info.. I wonder if the price of this new style is going to be more than the classic kelly ..
  10. You should be able to order the canvas strap without too much trouble.

    The info kindly provided by gga (thanks!!) is very interesting. I like how Hermes is always thinking ahead and one step before us. :amuse:
  11. I asked once in NYC and was told about $500 and up to a year for a black one.