Evelyne--SO Confused. Please help!!

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  1. Hi! I bought and fell in love :heart: at first sight an Evelyne II PM in black clemence while on vacation. I thought it was perfect... until I came to TPF and got a real education! :confused1:
    I called my semi-local H boutique to ask about the Evelyne III. The SA told me they had a GM there in black, which she held for me. Well, I just got back from seeing it and it was HUGE, the ticket actually said III TGM. After arguing with me that there was not such thing as a III PM, she finally got out the buy book and agreed with me that there IS, but she did not have one. In fact there are no blacks anywhere in the country. My question is, what is the size of the Evelyne III PM? It looks bigger than the II PM in the pictures I've seen here? I thought the IIGM was too big for me as a messenger, but as a shoulder bag I think I would like it it. There is another H boutique that does have a III PM in Cafe that is about 60 miles from me. I'm wondering if it is worth the drive to go look at it. I could always return my II PM and wait for a III PM to come in in black. I really don't want another brown bag as I have so many LVs that are all brown, and I am really not brave enough for bright or clean enough for a light.
    I find Hermes to be very confusing. It seems to be very hard to get acurate info from the SAs. I spoke to another store who argued with me that the price of the III PM in Clemence is $2900, which I knew was $550 off. UGH!:confused1:
    So...bottom line:
    What is the size of the Evelyne III PM versus the Evelyne II PM and II GM???
    I'd love, love, love any help asap!!!
  2. Have you had a look in the size reference guide in the reference library. There are a couple of evelyns in there. Don't know if they are II or III though.
  3. yes, but not Evelyne comparisons. :sad: Searched everywhere. I'm hoping an owner or devotee or even a good SA will wonder to my post and HELP!!!

  4. The first-generation Evelyne didn't have the exterior pocket -- it had an interior pocket (which no other Evelynes have). But you're not likely to find the first version of the Evelyne anywhere, so for all intents, there are two models, the II and the III.

    The Evelyne II has the exterior pocket, which is absolutely essential for phone, keys, what have you.

    The Evelyne III has the adjustable (yet still canvas) strap, so it can go from simple shoulder bag or messenger quickly. Also with exterior pocket.

    The TPM is very small and has a leather strap. It's adorable, and I love the leather strap, but it's too small to very practical.

    The PM is the size most tPF'ers adore. It's plenty big without overwhelming the average woman. (Which means, to answer your question, the PM II and the PM III would be the same size. Only difference is the adjustable strap.)

    The GM isn't that much bigger, yet for me (5'4") it was too big. Mostly too wide. Oddly, the strap on the GM is a bit shorter than the strap on the PM.

    The TGM is the largest size. It makes a great messenger bag for men.

    As far as actual dimensions (and current prices), you might be able to find them by doing a search here. Hope this basic tutorial helps. Seems like your real dilemma is whether you want/need the adjustable strap. And color, of course. (Don't be afraid of H colors! They're TDF!)
  5. Ok. I've pieced a bunch of that info together but laying it all out and filling in some blanks is sooo helpful!! thanks! BTW, the Palm Beach H store does have a Evelyne
    I PM in white, which is so nice and crisp!
    Yes, I guess I am tormented on the adjustable strap. I am also 5' 4" and exactly--the II GM was too wide for me. It overpowered my thighs and hips--which aren't small to begin with!! But, I was thinking that size with the adjustable strap and using it mostly as a short/shoulder bag it may work.
    I digress.....basically, the bag SA showed me today, which she said was a III GM was actually a III TGM (which is what the tag said) She insisted that the "T" meant nothing and that it was a GM. She was wrong, as you confirmed! thanks
    In one of the threads (see bleow), this fashionista models her Evelyne III PM. But, it looks larger than my II PM. What do you think?? I love the orange and blues and dark reds also in the evelyne, but think a basic should be my "first" and then expand!! Also, I always like gold but don't like how the canvas strap doesn't match the leather exactly.
    I guess I should make a trip down to Miami just to be sure. Since I got the II PM before the price increase (paid $2175) if I change it I would incur the very price increase I was trying to avoid! But, if I decide to order an adjustable strap, which is possible, I'll wait for about 1 year AND it is $400, which is more than the difference between the II PM and the III PM even with the price increase.
    I can't believe how much I am thinking about this.... I know I should just move on and enjoy it already!! What bags do you have? You are so knowledgeable (you know more than and SA I've spoken too!!) and SOOOO kind to respond--especially on a Saturday night!!
    Here are the pictures I was talking about!

  6. I think you also have to consider what leather it is. I am also 5'4" and have both the PM(I & II) and GM (I) and love them both. My PM's are both stiff: toile/leather and epsom but my GM is clemence which is very slouchy so doesn't seem so big.
  7. I agree! I've only seen/tried Clemence. Which I can just tell would slouch over time--which I love. The leather is so soft it with definitely meld to my body and all the junk I'll carry inside. The GM I thought was too wide, but then again I tried it on empty. You are right I can imagine it would slouch up with full.
    Still having the adjustable strap dilemma. Any thoughts???? In the grand scheme of life I know this is a really silly problem, but I'm obsessing!!! :nuts: Keep the PM II Clemence in black?? Try the III (and not be able to get black and pay the price increase)? or just get over it???
  8. HI I just bought an Evelyn Gm III it was sent from the Hawii store the III just came out. I am short5'3" but plus size and I like a big bag. It does not look much larger then the one posted. I have some pictures in my reveal and they were taken with a phone cam. I got the graphite which I love, even better than black I think in this bag. NY had a GM III in The new Blue Prusse(sp) color. I pd 2225. before price increase. I think one in the new blue would be a great casual bag. I will post one bad picture for you. I hope this helps.
  9. eliz- thank you for posting such excellent references for texasbrooke! I love seeing that kind of team work! Thank you!
  10. Graphite is one of the colors the SA said was available and I am considering since it is not such a "leap" from basic black. But, I am wondering how closely do the strap and leather match??
    I am about a size 10 and I think having the extra room in the strap can only be a plus! The II strap is just a tad short, I think.
    How do you find the doubled area of the strap? is it bulky?
  11. What is size in inches of the III GM. I just checked, my II PM is about 11 x 1 inches.
  12. oops.. that's 11 x 11 inches
  13. btw, another customer in the H store today had the Evelyne on in the Brighton Blue which was really nice. I'm going to look and try to find a photo of the blue prusse you mentioned and check it out.
  14. Ok I only wore the purse once and I wore it across the body and low on the hip so I didn't really have a double strap it measures 12x12 and 3 deep. I wish it was 14 wide. I like to carry alot but I love it.
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