Evelyne - smallest size

  1. Can someone tell me the cost of the smallest Evelyne bag and what colours they come in (I'm a small person so the larger one would drown me!).

    Also, do they have a lot of different colours at the Hermes Mothership in Paris (or the George V branch) or could I get it slightly cheaper if I were to wait till CDG airport?

    Really like the style but can't justify spending over £1000 on a bag so might stick with the scarves if too expensive...

    [or does Anna Lowe etc sell nice second hand ones?]

  2. I don't know the cost but happened to see the TPM yesterday and it is VERY small.... In my opinion it is hardly a handbag, it is so teeny. It loooks like it would hold a cell phone, keys and teeny wallet... maybe.

    I have the PM size and you may want to try it and I think you will find that the size is "just right".
  3. Kallie, what are the measurements for that one? And how much did it cost (if you don't mind me asking)?

  4. Hi, My Evelyne PM2 was $1,950 before the price increase. It is about 11"x11" approximately. If you are thinking of an Evelyne, here are three must-read threads: