Evelyne question

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  1. I'm a Hermes newbie. Own lots of Louis Vuitton items but no Hermes. I'm thinking about getting the Evelyne GM as my first Hermes piece.

    I'm a mother "on the go" so need lots of space in the purse and a color that would work as a everyday purse.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
  2. If you want lots of space then the Evelyn is probably not for you as it is not very deep- try the Victoria Fourre Tout or the Plume or a Lindy. Colour is a very personal thing - some people can make acid green work for them in all situations.
  3. I agree.^^ Evelyne is good for shopping where you need your hands free and are traveling "light", i.e., just wallet and necessities. The Lindy might work best -- lots of room, shoulder strap. Both bags come in great colors.
  4. Gosh I have the exact opposite opinion of my black & palladium Evelyne II GM in Clemence! I stuff that baby full of everything and everything--and I feel that is IS very deep. Today I was carrying: a Dogon Combined wallet, a Ulysse notebook, a vintage coin purse, a cell phone, two sets of keys, several makeup items, a bridge card case with thingies in it, a Diet Coke bottle (LOL), a magazine, and probably some other stuff, all inside a Chameleon organizer, inside my Evelyne.
    I find it lightweight, easy to wear, and best of all the outside pocket is BIG enough to actually use (I find the outside pockets on the Lindy to be quite hard to use because they don't stick out far enough if that makes sense).
    It's my "go to" bag anytime I need to shlep a lot of stuff, or when it's going to rain, or when I just want to be under the radar or casual.
    Also, because the bag is unlined some people are worried about marking it up inside, but that's one of the reasons I use the purse organizer inside it--it keeps the interior perfect.

    I love it and feel that it's a perfect entry point to the H brand. In fact, I am thinking now about getting a second Evelyne in a different color since my SA apparently thinks I'm kidding about wanting a new Birkin in a bright color. :rolleyes:

    As for a color suggestion for you, it really depends on your wardrobe. For me, black was the most natural choice because I wear a lot of black or grey. My next one will probably be a bright color or Cafe, a new deep chocolate brown which is totally yummy.
  5. I found my Evelyne (but it's a PM) too small to fit all my baby's things (change of clothes and bottles), but I'm not sure how old your kids are and what sort of kiddy stuff you need to bring around. The Lindy is great for me, and the birkin too! Everything fits in nicely. How about the Garden Party?
  6. I was thinking about getting the Evelyne GM in orange. I have a 3 y/o toddler so I don't carry baby things anymore. The Garden Party isn't my style really. I tried it on, but didn't like it. I like the Evelyne better. We will see what Santa brings :smile:
  7. I also don't own any H bags (yet), but I do visit the boutique and have poured over tons of threads here. You will also need to choose a leather that you don't need to baby. Some leathers will slouch (i.e., clemence) while others are more structured (i.e., epsom). There is a great reference thread here all about the leathers. Do you live anywhere near an H boutique? Good luck!

  8. Cyn -- I didn't realize yours was a GM! Now I need to go back and try on both sizes again :shrugs:
  9. I have the medium sized one, the thing that keeps me from using the bag is the strap. It's to short to wear cross body (maybe cuz I'm 5'7) so I actually ordered a longer strap and its been 3 months and I'm still waiting. With a longer strap it would fit comfortably across my body. I have the medium sized which I can't remember if thats GM or PM or whatever. And it works when I travel to carry wallet, camera, phone misc other items but I would say you probably need the large one if you plan to carry a lot
  10. I have both Evelyne PM and GM. Both are workhorse bags for me when I travel.